Can any company apply for a STAR Award? +
Is there a cost for participating in STAR Awards? +
Can a company win in more than one category in the same year? +
How often are the STAR Awards presented? +
In which category should my company apply? +
How do I apply for a STAR Award? +
What is the difference between a nomination and an application? +
Is there any advantage to submitting a nomination form before the deadline? +
May my company submit more than one application? +
How many applicants/companies are there per category? +
What happens after a STAR Award PowerPoint application is submitted? +
Who judges the STAR Awards? +
How does a company enter the TSIA STAR Awards “Hall of Fame”? +
How may I increase my company's chance of winning? +
Is all application information that my company submits kept confidential? +
How should the entry be submitted? +
Can we submit supporting documents? +
Is the length of my application important? +
Should we include our company logo and Web address on the application? +
Is the application fee refundable in the event we should change our mind regarding submitting a TSIA STAR Award application? +