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AI-Powered Offering Management

In the tech industry, it’s hard not to notice the ripples caused by the disruptive force of artificial intelligence (AI). As this transformative technology continues to reshape business landscapes, TSIA embarks on a Research Journey to understand AI’s profound influence on a pivotal area: Offering Management.
Hal Stanley, October 13, 2023
Industry Story

Data Science in Practice: Real-World Applications and Organization

During a panel discussion at TSIA’s 2023 World Envision conference, Kevin Bowers, director of field services research at TSIA, spoke with three industry experts from Salesforce, TSIA, and NCR Atleos on data science in practice. The panel represented a range of software and hardware companies with varying company sizes. Together, they explored multiple facets of AI technology, from development to governance, and offered invaluable insights on this rapidly growing capability
Erin Horowitz, December 8, 2023
Industry Story

The Generative AI Landscape: People Matter More Than Ever

Amid the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, companies are grappling with the growing complexity that these advanced tools introduce to their operations. Patrick McLaughlin, vice president of global technology accounts for Concentrix + Webhelp, asserted a profound claim during his 2023 Envision session: In a siloed world, people matter more than ever. This is especially true now, given the rapid rise of generative AI technology. During his session, McLaughlin argued that despite the solutions offered by generative AI and hyper-automation, the human element remains crucial for ensuring successful business outcomes.
Hannah Yoon, February 1, 2024
Industry Story

AI and Integrated Risk Management Provide Sustainable Growth Opportunities

In a session at TSIA's 2023 World Envision Conference, Dominique Gribot-Carroz, the global head of customer experience at Moody's Analytics, highlighted the lack of preparedness among technology companies in dealing with recent advancements in AI technology. A poll conducted during her session revealed that over half of the attendees had no governance process in place for generative AI, while only a small minority were ready for rapid advancement in this field. This paper explores the challenges faced by Moody's Analytics in addressing the rapid advancements in generative AI technology, and how they were able to leverage these advancements to produce a new, "Empathy at Scale" framework to improve customer interactions.
Erin Horowitz, December 9, 2023

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