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We work with all phases of technology companies, from SMB firms to the world’s largest enterprise technology companies. TSIA helps technology and services organizations with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, enabling them to better plan and execute their strategies.

Top Technology Challenges

Here’s a look at the top technology business challenges we’re helping our members across the globe solve:​

Optimizing Knowledge Management
Multichannel Volumes and Tools
Automating Renewals
Leveraging Mobility to Improve Productivity
Improving Employee Performance
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April 16

Three Keys to Smashing Bottlenecks that Prevent Services Success

Join to gain knowledge on how to achieve services success and hold your bottom line using clarity, context and speed.

April 09

Scaling Tech Support for a Remote World

Learn how to navigate the changed world for technical support agents using new performance metrics all while maintaining customer engagement.

Research Report

Building the Infrastructure for Virtual Customer Experiences

This report provides an overview of various approaches to virtual engagement.


Cognitive Search: The Missing Chapter in Your Chatbot Story en

Discover how applying cognitive search to your chatbot can provide customer satisfaction, while boosting efficiency.

Research Report

Evolving Customer Channel Preferences

Results from the TSIA 2020 Channel Preference Quick Poll and recommendations for how these findings should be influencing your channel options.


Hitting Your Numbers In 2020 Optimize Services Delivery from Bid to Bill

Start with the sale, learn how to achieve your revenue goals while maintaining client satisfaction.


Scale Your Support Organization Using AI: A RingCentral Case Study

Learn how a comprehensive digital transformation strategy can lead to better SEO with increased customer satisfaction.


Five Ways to Future-Proof Your Content

Learn how to ensure your content stands the test of time so you can maximize on new opportunities in the future.

Technology Insight

Five Steps to Successful Transformation

Five steps to successfully planning and executing transformation projects.

Technology Insight

The State of Technology: 2020

This report outlines major trends impacting technology across TSIA research practices and highlights technology-focused research planned for 2020.


Migrating to the Cloud

Join us to ensure your journey to the cloud is adaptable, simple and successful.


Will Digital AI, Liquid Workforce & Resource Optimization Drive Success in 2020?

Join us to learn incremental steps businesses can take to get started with AI.


Attend a TSW Conference

TSW is ideal for technology and services leaders responsible for digital transformation, and implementing new technology, knowledge management, and self-service. You’ll find sessions focused on:

  • Self-service chat bots: Implementation, maintenance,
    and ROI to expect
  • Best practices for interacting with customers via digital channels
  • How virtual, augmented, and merged reality can
    streamline service delivery
  • Proactive knowledge management: identifying content gaps and automating knowledge maintenance
John Ragsdale speaking at TSW

Meet the Research Expert

John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Technology Research

John works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them improve their service operations and overall customer experience by leveraging innovative technology.

Learn more about John.


TSIA Member Outcomes

See the top 5 ways TSIA members are receiving value from TSIA's technology research

industry best practices
Understand industry best practices for leveraging the technology
vendor product evaluation
Identify additional vendors/products to evaluate
vendor product list
Narrow my list of possible vendors/products
time to value
Speed “time to value” for the technology project
key selection criteria
Identify key selection criteria for the project