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Technology Research

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We work with all phases of technology companies, from SMB firms to the world’s largest enterprise technology companies. TSIA helps technology and services organizations with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, enabling them to better plan and execute their strategies.

Top Technology Challenges

Here’s a look at the top technology business challenges we’re helping our members across the globe solve:​

Optimizing Knowledge Management
Multichannel Volumes and Tools
Automating Renewals
Leveraging Mobility to Improve Productivity
Improving Employee Performance
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Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight and thought leadership in technology research.

December 16

The Great Resignation is Here: How to Improve Employee Retention Among Support T

Learn to better approach employee engagement and reduce employee attrition with next-gen quality monitoring & analytics.

December 14

Looking Forward to Success in 2022

Learn how to shape your customer success strategy for the coming year and how product led-growth, NRR, and bespoke experiences impact future success.


Emerging Services Delivery Trends to Watch in 2022

Emerging trends in services delivery and top considerations for your teams to explore to advance and innovate how you deliver for your clients.


Grow Your Machine Learning: AI-Powered Search after Implementation

Post-implementation strategies you can use to grow machine learning in your organization that will ensure your investment is maximized.


Delivering Proactive Field Service to Create Great Experiences

Key questions field service organizations should be asking when developing and expanding a proactive field service strategy.


Top 3 Indicators Your Tech Stack Is Preventing Growth

How to identify the top three indicators that your tech stack is holding back your growth.

Research Report

State of Knowledge Management: 2021

This report focuses on both the gains and the stalls in KM progress and gives insight into challenges faced by B2B companies.

Research Report

Use Cases for Robotic Process Automation in the Front Office

Overview of RPA, with sales and service use cases, early successes, barriers to overcome, and how to approach a successful front-office RPA project.


Building a Seamless Customer Experience through a Unified Digital Business

Discover how to connect your sales, finance, service delivery, marketing, and support systems to deliver unique and innovative customer experiences.


Close Service Deals Faster with Automation

Automate the end-to-end services sales process for your internal teams, partners, and clients with tools that reduce friction and accelerate revenue.


How to Structure a Winning Commission Plan for Customer Success Teams

Is your customer success team being left out of the commissions process? Attend this webinar and learn how to structure a winning comp plan for CS.


Cognitive Technology: The Force Multiplier for Scaling Customer Success

The role of cognitive technology in moving customer success beyond ad hoc customer enablement to meet key customer success KPIs.


TSIA Member Outcomes

See the top 5 ways TSIA members are receiving value from TSIA's technology research

industry best practices
Understand industry best practices for leveraging the technology
vendor product evaluation
Identify additional vendors/products to evaluate
vendor product list
Narrow my list of possible vendors/products
time to value
Speed “time to value” for the technology project
key selection criteria
Identify key selection criteria for the project