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Technology Research

Get Technology Research and Advisory with TSIA

We work with all phases of technology companies, from SMB firms to the world’s largest enterprise technology companies. TSIA helps technology and services organizations with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, enabling them to better plan and execute their strategies.

Top Technology Challenges

Here’s a look at the top technology business challenges we’re helping our members across the globe solve:​

Optimizing Knowledge Management
Multichannel Volumes and Tools
Automating Renewals
Leveraging Mobility to Improve Productivity
Improving Employee Performance
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Experience Our Research

Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight and thought leadership in technology research.

July 28

The Winning Formula to Protect and Grow Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

Get practical advice on how to digitize and streamline your customer growth, expand sales, renewals, and asset retirement processes.

July 21

Unlock the Value of Every Interaction Across The Customer Journey

Learn how AI-powered insights from the customer journey are used to improve CX, empower support, and create opportunities for upsells and cross-sells

July 14

Moving to a Subscription Business: A Practical Guide

Subscription offerings will be the dominant way to deliver services and products soon. Are you ready to shift to a recurring revenue model?

July 12

Effectively Operating as an Integrated Solution Provider

Learn how service organizations are overcoming the five major challenges in transitioning to an Everything-as-a-Service business model.

July 07

Reduce Customer Effort With an Effective Knowledge Management Strategy

Dive deep into knowledge management strategies that will help your business create a seamless DCX wherever users look for information.

June 30

Why Customer Success Fails Right Out of the Box

Bad data creates a weak foundation for Customer Success. Adoption, recurring revenue & customer satisfaction need unified data upon which all agree.

June 28

Powering Your Everything as a Service Business

Learn how to get ahead of customer needs with proactive support, scale for growth while driving innovation, and connect your technology ecosystem.


Adoption The Key Ingredient for Customer Success and Product-Led Growth

Get faster business results, drive renewals, and expand selling efforts using key adoption metrics at each point of the customer lifecycle.


Salesforce Insight: Key Elements of their Digital-First Support Strategy

Learn how Salesforce is creating an integrated digital customer experience with a digital-first support strategy, plus what metrics you should track!


Diagnostic Intelligence Rethinking how Knowledge is Shared Across Service Silos

Learn how AI-based Diagnostic Intelligence captures HOW issues are diagnosed and resolved and shares it to guide people to better resolutions, faster.


The Role of Customer Education in your Digital Content Strategy

Explore the newest industry trends in Customer Education to inform the way your team builds and delivers a successful customer learning experience.


Brand Community Essentials for Support and Beyond

Learn how Support, Customer Success, Marketing, and Sales teams help build, grow, and maximize the benefits of a brand’s customer community.


TSIA Member Outcomes

See the top 5 ways TSIA members are receiving value from TSIA's technology research

industry best practices
Understand industry best practices for leveraging the technology
vendor product evaluation
Identify additional vendors/products to evaluate
vendor product list
Narrow my list of possible vendors/products
time to value
Speed “time to value” for the technology project
key selection criteria
Identify key selection criteria for the project