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Technology Research

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We work with all phases of technology companies, from SMB firms to the world’s largest enterprise technology companies. TSIA helps technology and services organizations with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, enabling them to better plan and execute their strategies.

Top Technology Challenges

Here’s a look at the top technology business challenges we’re helping our members across the globe solve:​

Optimizing Knowledge Management
Multichannel Volumes and Tools
Automating Renewals
Leveraging Mobility to Improve Productivity
Improving Employee Performance
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Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight and thought leadership in technology research.

July 15

The Role of PSA in Enabling Your Business to Drive Customer Success

Join Kimble as they outline four keys to improving customer experience for your clients and highlight the ways PSA can drive that improvement.

July 08

Building the Ultimate Automated Processes for the Digital Workforce

Deliver a value-focused customer experience through process automation, and free your teams to do what they do best - build great products & services.

June 29

Future-Proof Your Field Force: Driving Technician Satisfaction and Retention

Don’t set your field technicians up for failure. Learn how Schneider Electric positions them for success by leveraging field service apps.


Exponential Impact: Exploring Enterprise-Wide Use for Remote Assistance 6 18

The opportunity now exists for organizations to expand their use of remote assistance software across the enterprise resulting in exponential impact.


Challenging the Status Quo: Customer Journeys and the Service Lifecycle

Discover how to improve client experiences through integrated management of customer projects and support interactions.


Overcoming the Top 3 Roadblocks to Mixed Reality Adoption

Interest in mixed reality has increased greatly resulting from the pandemic. Learn how to overcome the top 3 challenges to user and customer adoption.


Are PSAs Built to Meet the Challenges Modern PS Firms Are Facing?

A look at the current state of the PS industry and how today’s purpose-built technology can deliver work profitably and predictably.


Best Practices for Driving Net Dollar Retention (NDR) through Customer Success

Key drivers and strategies for improving NDR, as well as a framework to align stakeholders and improve NDR within the customer base.


Instant Resolutions to Customer Issues: No More Hours of Document Search

Join us to learn about superior self-service, reduced support costs, increased CSAT and ESAT using deep learning, NLP, and computer vision.

Technology Insight

Preparing for Intelligent Search

Ten things that companies should do prior to a search platform implementation to improve time-to-money for project impacts.


Customers for Life: Drive Recurring Revenue for Your Customers and Your Company

TeamSupport joins TSIA in introducing a new customer success solution that enables B2B organizations to increase the lifetime value of a customer.

Research Report

TSIA 2021 Channel Preference Study

Results from the TSIA 2021 Channel Preference Study and recommendations for prioritizing digital support channels


Attend a TSIA Conference

TSIA conferences are ideal for technology and services leaders responsible for digital transformation, and implementing new technology, knowledge management, and self-service. You’ll find sessions focused on:

  • Self-service chat bots: Implementation, maintenance,
    and ROI to expect
  • Best practices for interacting with customers via digital channels
  • How virtual, augmented, and merged reality can
    streamline service delivery
  • Proactive knowledge management: identifying content gaps and automating knowledge maintenance
John Ragsdale speaking at TSW

TSIA Member Outcomes

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industry best practices
Understand industry best practices for leveraging the technology
vendor product evaluation
Identify additional vendors/products to evaluate
vendor product list
Narrow my list of possible vendors/products
time to value
Speed “time to value” for the technology project
key selection criteria
Identify key selection criteria for the project