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Technology and Services Industry Trends

TSIA Helps You Find Answers to the Tough Questions

Trends are like gravity; they can pull you down or accelerate you forward. At TSIA, we assess the financial performance of the largest technology companies on the planet to track the health of current business models and help you answer the questions that matter most.

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Meet Our Industry Trends Research Expert

Thomas Lah is the executive director of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), the leading association for today's technology and services organizations. For over 20 years, he has been helping some of the world's largest technology companies improve the efficiency of their daily operations.

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TSIA membership grants you access to quarterly financial sets from technology and services, cloud, industrial equipment, and healthcare technology (HHIT) companies. These interactive data models can help you unlock key industry insights designed to improve your strategic decision making.

January 27

Technology Services 50 Q4 2020

We’ll review tech company revenue and profit trends for the most recent quarter and discuss key industry trends.

Research Report

A Primer for Outcome Engineering

This research report provides a framework TSIA members can use to move the concept of outcome engineering forward in their companies.

Research Report

From Technology as an Asset to Technology as a Service

This paper provides a framework to understand where your company is in the journey to transitioning to a subscription-based business model.

Research Report

2020 Organizational Structure Survey Results

Summary results from the TSIA 2019 Organizational Structure Survey.


Technology Services 50 Q3 2020

We’ll review the impact of the pandemic on key financial indicators and analyze data to provide insight into challenges tech providers are facing.


The TSIA Cloud 40: 2020

Join us for a data-driven presentation on how the current economy is impacting the companies with subscription-based offerings that TSIA is tracking.

Research Report

Swallowing Half the Fish

A look at traditional software companies now migrating from perpetual licensing to subscription pricing for their on-premise software offers.

Research Report

Remote Employee Wellness

This paper addresses the business challenge: “How can companies improve the overall wellness of their remote employees in these stressful times?

White Papers

Migrating Customers to XaaS

Framing for how technology providers can segment their existing install base for the great migration to XaaS offers.


Technology & Services 50 Q2 2020

We’ll review the impact of COVID-19 on key financial indicators and analyze data to provide insight into challenges technology providers are facing.

Research Report

The Case for Services Convergence and Big “C” Customer Success

This report examines services convergence and Big "C" customer success.

Research Report

COVID-19 Capability Journeys

Organizational capabilities every technology provider will require to excel in a post-COVID-19 economy.


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