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Trends are like gravity; they can pull you down or accelerate you forward. At TSIA, we assess the financial performance of the largest technology companies on the planet to track the health of current business models and help you answer the questions that matter most.

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Meet Our Industry Trends Research Expert

Thomas Lah is the executive director of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), the leading association for today's technology and services organizations. For over 20 years, he has been helping some of the world's largest technology companies improve the efficiency of their daily operations.

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TSIA membership grants you access to quarterly financial sets from technology and services, cloud, industrial equipment, and healthcare technology (HHIT) companies. These interactive data models can help you unlock key industry insights designed to improve your strategic decision making.


Keynote | The Future of Enterprise Selling: A Fireside Chat

As technology-driven industries move toward selling subscriptions and promising business outcomes, the operating models of tech companies must also . . .


Technology & Services 50 Q3 2019

Join us for this 1-hour webinar for insight into key trends and observations that provide a snapshot of the overall performance of the tech industry.


Opening Keynote | Setting the Conditions for Success (sponsored by CSS Corp)

We already know that renewable offers force tech companies to put a premium on customer success. Companies are implementing new processes and . . .

Interactive Tool

TSIA Checklist for Success

Comprehensive checklist to be used throughout the pre-sales process to ensure the best possible result for both the customer and the supplier.

Research Report

2019 Organizational Structure Survey Results

Summary results from the TSIA 2019 Organizational Structure Survey.


TSIA Cloud 40: 2019

Join Thomas Lah, TSIA’s Executive Director, for his annual review of 40 companies with subscription-based offerings that TSIA is tracking.


Technology & Services 50 Q2 2019

In this 1-hour webinar, we’ll dive into key trends and observations to provide a snapshot of how the technology industry is performing overall.


Closing Keynote | Rethinking the Channel in a XaaS World (sponsored by Gainsight

Almost every large tech company relies on its channel partners to sell and deliver a meaningful part of their total volume. Most of these partners . . .

Research Report

The Engine of the XaaS Offer Train: Customer Requirements

This paper introduces a framework for helping product and service teams align their XaaS offer creation process.

Research Report

Value Vectors of Digital Transformation

This paper introduces a simple framework for defining how technology companies are helping their customers with “digital transformation.”


Technology & Services 50 Q1 2019

Join Thomas Lah, TSIA’s Executive Director, as he identifies the latest trends and observations for the technology and services industry.

Research Report

TSIA Cloud 40, Q1 2019

TSIA analysis of 40 public cloud computing companies in the areas of revenue growth, profitability, and financial business model.


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