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Technology and Services Business Challenges

We know what’s trending in technology and services.

At TSIA, we understand the true value that lies within your data assets, as well as the hurdles to realize a return on investment. Our detailed analysis of the technology and services industry has identified a set of top analytics business challenges that we address as part of membership in any of our research areas.

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Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight and thought leadership applicable to all areas of technology and services.

These foundational papers, webinars, and conference presentations explore how to increase your top-line revenue growth and achieve ROI through the strategic use of TSIA data.

Jeremy DalleTezze

Meet the Research Expert

Jeremy DalleTezze, VP, Analytics

Jeremy works with members to identify and study the emerging trends in consumption analytics through surveys, case studies, webinars, presentations, and member inquiries. He also is the head of TSIA's internal analytics team, known as "the A-Team", which provides analytics support for TSIA, including the research team, by analyzing their benchmark and survey data.

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Learn about the latest best practices from TSIA’s Data Analytics Champions.

Our Data Analytics Champions group is an active community of member organizations that share a common interest in analytics. The findings from their quarterly discussions on emerging trends, analytics initiatives, challenges, and best practices directly contribute to the creation of new member resources in the area of analytics research.