Rapid Research Response Dashboard

Participate in TSIA's Rapid Research Response Polls Related to COVID-19

TSIA created Rapid Research Response Polls to provide technology and service leaders real-time insights to the most pressing questions during this crisis. Each poll takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion, the participant has access to the real-time report in the below dashboard and receives a permalink via email to bookmark for later review. As the crisis unfolds, TSIA will add more polls and provide participants subsequent analysis. New polls are regularly added. Click the "Results" tab below to view results for closed polls.


To use the above dashboard:

  1. Click on a topic button under “Select your Topic of Interest”.
  2. If you or someone from your company* has already completed that particular poll, then a real-time report appears. If no one from your company has completed that poll, you will be able complete it.
  3. Click submit to review the real-time report.
  4. If you would like to complete or access results from the other polls, click on another topic of interest.

*We restrict one response per IP address.