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Marc Troyan

Director, Customer Success Research

Marc Troyan is the director of customer success research for TSIA. In this role, he works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them optimize their customer success organizations and effectively deliver positive and successful customer outcomes.

Top Customer Success Advisory Engagements

  • Establishing Customer Success
  • The Building Blocks of Customer Success
  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Using Customer Success to Create Sales Efficiencies
  • Predictive Customer Health Scores
  • Operationalizing the Customer Journey
  • Scaling Customer Success Through Partners
December 08

Drive Expansion Revenue and Lead Generation with Customer Success

Learn how customer success can drive expansion revenue and lead generation.

Research Report

Customer Success Dashboards

This report focuses on the most commonly used KPIs, metrics, and health score variables that are used to inform customer success dashboards.

Research Report

2022 Customer Success, Growth, and Renewal Compensation Study

This document reports research findings on compensation data related to the roles involved in delivering customer success and contract renewal.

Research Report

2022 Customer Success Technology Stack

This report defines the recommended technology stack for customer success organizations and lists the top-installed vendors in each category.

Data View

TSIA Quick Poll Results: Ethical Dilemmas in Customer Success

This document reports key research findings on the topic of the ethical dilemmas customer success organizations face and how to prevent them.

Research Report

The Future of Customer Success

TSIA asserts that customer success will become the dominant revenue engine for XaaS companies. This paper explains why.

Research Report

Customer Success and Product Management Collaboration

A look at how a company’s product management and customer success organizations can collaborate for the benefit of the customer and business growth.

Research Report

How to Talk to Your CEO About Funding Customer Success

Download the e-book and access the three budgeting principles of how to talk to your CEO about funding customer success.

Research Report

Building a Successful Product Management–Customer Success Relationship

This report looks at how product management can work better with customer success and how customer success is dependent on product management.