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Marc Troyan

Director, Customer Success Research

Marc Troyan is the director of customer success research for TSIA. In this role, he works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them optimize their customer success organizations and effectively deliver positive and successful customer outcomes.

Top Customer Success Advisory Engagements

  • Establishing Customer Success
  • The Building Blocks of Customer Success
  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Using Customer Success to Create Sales Efficiencies
  • Predictive Customer Health Scores
  • Operationalizing the Customer Journey
  • Scaling Customer Success Through Partners

Research and Webinars

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June 16

6 Customer Success Investments Executives Should Anchor On

Get insight into the top six areas where customer success executives must drop anchor and invest extra time to ensure greater success and ROI.

Research Report

2020 Monetizing Customer Success Study Readout

This report is a data readout based on the results of TSIA's 2020 Monetizing Customer Success Study.

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Helping Customers Succeed: Three Distinct Plays

This report looks at unlocking business value through the science of customer success.


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The Product Management - Customer Success Handshake

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Accelerate Your Partner Community to Deliver Customer Success

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In the Driver's Seat: 7 Critical Actions for Driving a Customer Success Organiza

Taking the helm of a customer success organization is no feat for the weary. There are so many variables that must be addressed to quickly ramp up . . .

Research Report

The Three Charters of Customer Success

This whitepaper will help identify your organization's customer success charter for driving top-line revenue growth.