How to make the most of your conference experience at TSIA Interact.


The official hashtag of TSIA Interact is: #TSIAINTERACT. Stay current on the latest happenings at the conference by following us on Twitter @TSIACommunity and LinkedIn.
No. Due to ongoing changes to privacy policies, we do not provide a list of conference attendees. However, you will be able to connect and network with them throughout the event.
No, we do not invite the press to our conferences. This allows us to maintain a safe environment for participants to engage in candid discussions.


Yes, substitutions are allowed. To transfer your registration, please send us an email with your name, as well as the name and contact information of the person you'd like to substitute.
Conference vouchers are purchased with your TSIA membership agreement and are sent to the primary contact for the appropriate TSIA research practice. If you have not been given one of the available voucher numbers and wish to use one to register, please contact us via email and you will receive the name of the person at your company who owns the vouchers and has the authority to distribute them.
During the registration process, you can register yourself and add as many team members from your organization who wish to attend the conference.


While many sessions do not require an RSVP, some sessions will require additional registration. You will be notified via email which sessions require additional RSVP.
Yes! As an attendee, you will have access to all presentations, resources, and videos. How to access content from the conference will be shared via email.

Virtual Platform

Prior to TSIA Interact, you will receive an email with instructions for where to access the virtual event.