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This was my first Technology & Services World (TSW) conference since joining the TSIA Research team, and it has been a great experience having conversations with members and partners, gaining a better understanding the top issues members are facing, and seeing the hottest tools being demo’d by our partners in the TSW | EXPO. My colleague John Ragsdale asked me to write a quick blog with information on the top attended sessions from yesterday, which had a full day of conference breakouts.

With over two thousand attendees participating in a total of around 90 sessions, here is the list of breakout sessions with the most attendees, which is a great indicator of the topics and business challenges that are top of mind for attendees. Interestingly, the majority of the top attended sessions were case studies on technology, showing companies are always looking for the next innovative tools to help take their organizations to the next level.

Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Drive Sustainable Transformation and Outcomes in Support

This session provided an overview on how modern-day support ecosystems have grown from their traditional scope to a more complex environment today, thanks to digital proliferation and enhanced customer expectations.

Greg Swain, VP of Sales at CSS Corp along with Tim Kleffman, VP of Global Customer Support and Steffen Low, VP of Global Customer Success at Automation Anywhere, dove deep into some practical use cases on automation in support ecosystems. In addition, they highlighted how a well-thought-out support services model further complements intelligent automation to drive business outcomes.

Technology’s Role in Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Westin Hatch, Head of Service Operations at Qualtrics, and Chris Scalia, Chief Client Officer of Mavenlink explained how delivering a great customer experience has become a key differentiator for successful business across all industries. As customer expectations continue to rise, they shared the latest customer experience best practices and how Qualtrics is leveraging technology to keep customer visibility top of mind.

Architecting Customer Excellence in an Era of Disruption

This was another popular speaking session, presented by Kevin O’Came, SVP of Customer Success at Totango, and Koshal Agrawal, who brings 20 years of enterprise software experience from product development, solution management, and customer engagement. This session taught attendees how to connect and operationalize their experience management and operating systems to take action on their customer intelligence and drive scalable, holistic customer-centered growth.

How Two IoT Leaders Transformed Services to Customer Success

Attendees of this session walked away with practical tips for how to achieve quick wins, activate their customer data, and leverage metrics to track and demonstrate their impact. This session covered how companies like PTC and GE Digital were able to overcome data and change management hurdles to deploy Customer Success best practices across their organization. Big thanks to presenters Ashvin Vaidyanathan, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, David Koscher, VP of Customer Success at GE Digital, and Gregory Schern, VP of Success Management at PTC.

How to Smash the Bottlenecks That Prevent Services Success

This session covered how many organizations are plagued by decision latency and process bottlenecks. Sarah Edwards, MD at Kimble, and Marc Lacroix, Partner at RTM Consulting, used their experience of leading and helping professional services organizations to diagnose the underlying causes of these bottlenecks and provide practical recommendations on how they can be alleviated. A phenomenal session for those passionate about service process improvement.

The Value of End-to-End, Connected Service in a Digital World

Led by Trisha Johnson from Service Technologies and Paul Selby from ServiceNow, this session focused on creating an exceptional customer experience can be especially challenging for digitally-enabled services and processes. Because of this, the session contained a breakdown of how ServiceNow’s customer is delighting their customers with proactive service from issue to resolution by quickly diagnosing and proactively resolving issues and reducing future case volume through customer self-service and automation.

Gold Mining Through Support Data: Using Case Information to Fuel a Continuous Improvement Program

During this session, Patrick Martin, Senior Director of Technical Support; and Alexandre Leblanc, Support Program manager, both from Coveo, shared insights into the plethora of data support teams are sitting on. They talked about how Coveo designed a Continuous Improvement Program where support data-based indices are used to help identify top areas for improvement.

Thank You to All Our TSW Speakers!

I commend all of these speakers for taking the time to create such amazing content, as well as all of the TSW speakers for the hard work in making the conference successful and insightful. I had an opportunity to speak with so many attendees during the breakfast tabletop discussions, in 1:1 meetings, as well as hallways and EXPO conversations, and I’ve heard a lot of great information. I’m going to take a few days to think through the common themes across these conversations, and I’ll be back soon with a blog recapping the top themes and trends I heard.

Thanks to everyone for a great conference, and thanks for reading!


Omar Fdawi

About Author Omar Fdawi

Omar Fdawi is a former senior research associate for TSIA, focusing primarily on enterprise technology. Although having spent over half his career in sales and sales operations, he also has background in data analysis, process improvement, and financial reporting. His previous experience includes working in software, banking, mass media, and food manufacturing industries. He has a passion for automating business processes and helping companies become more profitable.

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