The State of Field Services 2024

The State of Field Services 2024

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for business success in 2024. “The State of Field Services 2024” report delves into the crucial trends shaping the field services industry this year so that you have the insights you need to succeed.

Are you a field service leader looking to confidently navigate business model transformation? Then this report is tailor-made for you. Dive deep into key marketplace trends and critical capabilities that will redefine how we approach field services in 2024.

Ready to unlock the secrets to success in 2024? Dive into the report now and discover insights to drive your business forward. This blog will cover:

Smart Tip:

Stay informed on industry trends and emerging technologies, like AI. Be adaptable and open to change, developing critical data analysis and strategic planning skills. Collaborate across functions and take a strategic approach to your work to position yourself for success as a field service leader. Think beyond the confines of this report. Share it with your executive teams, spark discussions, and challenge the status quo. Explore new ways to assess scenarios and decide which capabilities your company should prioritize this year.

Navigating the Dual Realities of 2023: A Year in Review

As you reflect on the past year, it’s clear that some experienced a blend of contrasting realities. Despite historic layoffs in the technology sector, unemployment rates remained historically low, showcasing the resilience of the workforce.

But amidst these fluctuations, one phenomenon captured the spotlight: AI. ChatGPT was introduced to the world in November 2022. Alongside other large language models, AI dominated conversations throughout the year. With bold claims of revolutionizing industries and skepticism about its potential pitfalls, AI sparked excitement and caution.

At the TSIA Interact conference in May 2023, AI took center stage in nearly every case study presentation. While media headlines showcased impressive ChatGPT examples, business leaders quickly realized the importance of robust data and knowledge management strategies to leverage these new capabilities effectively.

2023 proved to be a year of uncertainty and opportunity alike. As you delve deeper into our State of Field Services 2024 report, you’ll unpack these trends further, offering insights to help you confidently navigate the evolving landscape as a field service leader. 

Tackling Top Field Service Business Challenges Head-On

As you examine the challenges field service organizations face in 2023, it’s crucial to understand how these issues can impact you and your business personally.

Improving Operational Performance

Field services are the backbone of hardware companies, driving productivity and efficiency. However, in 2023, the landscape became increasingly complex. The war for talent intensified, leading to rising labor costs and heightened pressure to optimize travel and repair time. Balancing utilization with service-level commitments became a daunting task.

While the supply chain crisis eased, spare parts optimization remained a critical issue. Practices like advanced exchange and reverse logistics became vital in minimizing new-buy commitments and supporting a circular economy. Additionally, managing third-party service providers for staff augmentation became essential for nine out of ten field service organizations.

Transforming Field Services

Recognizing the limitations of traditional approaches, executives began to envision a transformative future for field services. It’s no longer just about improving operational efficiency; it’s about broadening the scope and integrating new technologies for breakthrough performance.

Enter, the era of field success engineers. Leveraging field engineers to drive adoption and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities on-site emerged as a game-changing practice. New offers must be bundled at the initial sale to increase equipment contracts, encompassing product, service, and software solutions.

Moreover, increasing equipment telemetry can significantly inform new offers and reduce the total service cost. However, achieving these goals necessitates strategic alignment across various functions within a hardware company, including product, sales, finance, services, and manufacturing.

As you explore these challenges further, remember that they’re not just abstract concepts—they directly impact the success and efficiency of your operations.

Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Field Services

In field services, one topic dominated the conversation in 2023: AI. Technological advancements are flooding our landscape, urging us to scale to new heights and embrace transformative capabilities.

TSIA’s recent webinar, “The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Support Services,” shed light on AI capabilities reshaping the industry. These capabilities, categorized by their current stage of implementation, offer a roadmap for navigating the AI landscape:

  • Below the waterline: Common AI capabilities in the industry.
  • At the waterline: Piloted and optimized AI capabilities.
  • Just above the waterline: Next-gen AI capabilities on the horizon.
  • Well above the waterline: Future AI potentials.

A robust data strategy is paramount to fully harnessing AI’s potential. Research reveals a strong correlation between connected install bases and field service gross margins, highlighting the importance of telemetry in driving profitability.

As you delve deeper into the role of data in predictive and proactive support, it’s evident that success hinges on strategic planning and preparation. Whether you’re a “base camper” or a “mountaineer” on the AI landscape, a solid data strategy is your compass to navigate the complexities ahead.

Top Recommendations for Scaling the AI Landscape 

The need to navigate the AI landscape with confidence has never been more pressing. Here are two key recommendations from TSIA to help you scale to new heights in the AI landscape:

  • Prioritize knowledge management (KM): Knowledge is power, especially in AI. Establishing a robust KM program empowers your organization with the insights and information needed to make informed decisions and drive success. Don’t wait any longer to prioritize KM—start today and position your company for future growth and innovation.
  • Establish tangible value through data: The value of data cannot be overstated. By prioritizing telemetry and leveraging data analytics, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, product performance, and market trends. Focus on improving customer outcomes and delivering tangible value back to your customers. This approach enhances customer satisfaction and drives higher prices and better gross margins.

Read the full report for a comprehensive overview of the top 10 “AI-Mountaineering” tools for 2024 and beyond. Join us on our research journey, “AI for Predictive and Proactive Support,” as we delve deeper into the strategies and best practices that will shape the future of field services.

At TSIA, we aim to help our members successfully navigate business model transformations. From education and assessment to prescription and alignment, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

With the TSIA portal as your trusted guide, you can confidently embrace the challenges and opportunities of the AI landscape and more. 

TLDR: Unlocking the Power of AI for Field Services in 2024

Looking to stay ahead of the curve in field services in 2024? Our latest report, “The State of Field Services 2024,” is your go-to guide. Dive into key trends and critical capabilities shaping the industry, including: 

  • A retrospective look at 2023’s trends and their impact.
  • Identification of top challenges facing field service businesses.
  • Cutting-edge research on leveraging AI for predictive and proactive support.
  • Top recommendations for field services in 2024 to propel your business forward.

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