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Before you can establish and grow your own Customer Success function within your company, you must first have a firm understanding of the basics. I’ve written this ebook to help technology companies of all types get an overall view of what customer success means, how its performed, and how to tell when you’re doing it right. Whether you’re brand new to the concept or just need a refresher, this ebook can be your reference to all things customer success. 

Whether you sell hardware, software, subscriptions, or services, the best way to secure a solid recurring revenue stream is to ensure that your customers achieve their desired business outcomes.
– The Building Blocks of Customer Success

Your Handbook for Establishing or Growing a Customer Success Function

Over recent years, the concept of customer success has become a critical part of the customer journey in an increasingly outcome-centric industry. While many technology organizations know they need it, some are still struggling with how to implement it, fund it, and measure its success. In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • The “who, what, where, when, and why” of customer success
  • The 3 stages of customer adoption
  • Where customer success fits into the TSIA LAER (Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew) model
  • How to fund customer success
  • The 4 phases of customer success maturity and how to identify where your organization lies

In this ebook, you’ll learn the basics of customer success and how to get started with applying this crucial function to your current operation, thereby securing your own desired outcomes as a technology supplier.

Let TSIA Help You Get on the Right Track to Success

TSIA has the largest vault of fact-based research, business frameworks, and in-depth insight into the latest industry trends, not just in customer success, but all lines of technology and services. Our mission is to provide you with the data and resources you need to help you optimize your operation and prepare for future growth and profitability. Talk to us today to discover how TSIA can guide you down the proven path to business success, solve your top challenges, and help you achieve the business results you want.

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Phil Nanus

About Author Phil Nanus

Phil Nanus, is the former vice president of customer success research for TSIA. In this role, he worked closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them optimize their customer success organizations and effectively deliver customer outcomes. Throughout his career, Phil has held various positions related to enterprise software and IT services, including global leadership roles in customer success, support, professional services, managed services, and cloud services. Prior to TSIA, he was the vice president of customer success at Infor, where he led a team of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) focused on driving customer adoption of their technology.

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