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Service and Delivery

Establish, scale, and optimize your technology services, delivery organizations, and business models by utilizing the following research practices:

Customer Success
Field Services
Professional Services
Education Services
Managed Services
Support Services

Revenue Growth

Optimize revenue generating capabilities across business functions by utilizing the following research practices:

CRO Council
Customer Growth and Renewal
XaaS Channel Optimization

Success of the
Offer Portfolio

Develop your technology and services offer portfolios by utilizing the following research practices:

Service Offer Management
XaaS Product Management

In addition to the research practices listed above, TSIA also offers validated insights on technology services industry trends, consumption, and data analytics. This will help your company invest in the right technology to improve your end-to-end customer experience.

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Get the data-driven insight you need to make informed decisions on how to transform your business and achieve measurable results.

Research Report

The Impact of the Metaverse on Training (Abridged)

This report identifies potential Metaverse applications for learning and measures consumer appetite for such enhanced learning experiences.

Research Report

Digital B2B

This report looks at the five new growth levers technology solution providers need to follow to achieve the full potential of digital transformation.

Research Report

XaaS Transformation

This paper will visit key milestones in the Informatica XaaS transformation journey.

Research Report

Invisible Managed Services KPIs That Are Critical for Success

MS KPIs that can increase customer experience, productivity, and brand recognition while lowering costs.

Research Report

The Current and Future State of Voice and Sentiment Analysis

How voice and sentiment analysis technology has the potential to become a critical driver of customer health scores and revenue expansion.

Research Report

The Future of Customer Success

TSIA asserts that customer success will become the dominant revenue engine for XaaS companies. This paper explains why.

Research Report

Leveraging the Power of the Gig Economy

This report looks at how companies can leverage the gig economy to become a core part of their staffing strategy.

Research Report

Customer Success and Product Management Collaboration

A look at how a company’s product management and customer success organizations can collaborate for the benefit of the customer and business growth.

Research Report

How to Talk to Your CEO About Funding Customer Success

Download the e-book and access the three budgeting principles of how to talk to your CEO about funding customer success.

Research Report

The Future of Technology Professional Services

This report looks at the state of embedded professional services organizations as compared to 20 years ago.

Research Report

The ARR Trap

This report examines the drive for technology companies to grow annual recurring revenues. It looks at the upside of ARR and the "dark side" of ARR.

White Papers

On-Premise to Cloud

This report discusses the role of the support organization in transitioning from on-premise to the cloud.

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