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For the Executive Who Owns Service and Delivery

TSIA provides industry-validated research and advisory for establishing, evolving, scaling, and optimizing service and delivery organizations and business models. The research practices that focus on these initiatives are:

Customer Success
Education Services
Field Services
Managed Services
Professional Services
Support Services

For the Executive Who Owns Company Revenue Growth

TSIA provides industry-validated research and advisory that optimizes revenue generating capabilities across business functions. The research practices that focus on these initiatives are:

Customer Growth
and Renewal
Expand Selling
Subscription Sales
XaaS Channel

For the Executive Who Owns Success of the Offer Portfolio

TSIA provides industry-validated research and advisory for development of both technology and services offer portfolios. The research practices that focus on these initiatives are:

Service Offer
XaaS Product

In addition to the research practices listed above, TSIA also offers validated insights on industry trends, consumption and data analytics, and investing in technology to improve your end-to-end customer experience.

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Get the data-driven insight you need to make informed decisions on how to transform your business and achieve measurable results.

Research Report

7 Pricing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

This report chronicles a number pricing mistakes and pricing pitfalls to avoid.

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The Education Services Adoption Playbook

This playbook offers insight into the nine plays you should be running to drive adoption in your organization.

Research Report

Virtual, Merged, and Augmented Reality

Real-world use cases for virtual, merged, and augmented reality across services, education, and sales.

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Essential KPIs and Metrics for Growing Customer Revenue in a XaaS World

Key performance indicators and metrics that have the largest impact on growing revenue.

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Is Product-Led Growth Applicable to Your Business?

This report addresses the myths and realities of a product-led growth strategy.

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How to Talk to Your CEO About Funding Customer Success

Download the ebook and access the three budgeting principles of how to talk to your CEO about funding customer success.

Research Report

Data-Validated Benchmarking: Actionable Tech Industry Insights

This report provides details on TSIA's current benchmarking methodology.

Research Report

Professional Services Resource Capacity Planning

In this paper, TSIA Research defines three necessary approaches to optimize resource capacity planning and forecasting.


The Building Blocks of Customer Growth and Renewals

Organization strategy for renewing recurring revenue.

Research Report

Avoid 5 Common Managed Services Mistakes

In this ebook, we'll outline common pitfalls and offer tips for establishing a successful managed services business.

White Papers

Five Key Practices of a Successful Managed Services Provider

This report outlines the five managed services key practices essential for a successful managed services provider.

Research Report

Defining Managed Services

This report defines what managed services are, their value to a company’s clients, and how offering them can give the company P&L a boost.


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