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XaaS Product Management Accelerate the Success of Your XaaS Business

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Top Business Challenges We’re Solving for Product Leaders:

  • XaaS Business Model Knowledge
    How can I help my organization fully appreciate the operational and financial implications of the XaaS business mode
  • Platform Technologies and Business Models
    How can we leverage platform technologies and business models to build and support a developer ecosystem, open up new markets and create sticky revenue growth?
  • Viable XaaS Offers
    What is the design methodology for successful everything-as-a-service (XaaS) offers?
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Get targeted, rapid enablement to enhance your current product management framework and turn insights into business results.


Know where your product management team stands in comparison to others in the industry and discover opportunities for growth.

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Get the right data in the right hands at the right time with insights from the latest XaaS Product Management research.

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Member Outcomes

Achieving Growth, Scalability, & Profitability in an as-a-service (XaaS) Business

It's really important to me that Blackbaud is a part of the product management research discipline with TSIA because there's so much great research that's coming out right now, not only for all of our customer success and sales and renewal functions, but how critical product is to how we think about bringing value to market.

Your Resource for Navigating this Economy

With the current economic conditions, companies are talking about cutting costs... but cutting in the wrong places could have long term negative impacts.

Where do you cut back to reduce costs without compromising productivity or profits? And how do you find places where you can actually grow revenue? TSIA can help you with that.

From defining your XaaS/SaaS offers with flexible pricing options that ride market trends, to leveraging data-driven insights to drive product expansion, and a whole lot more, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no better time than now to be a TSIA XaaS product management member!


The State of XaaS Product Management 2022

"The State of XaaS Product Management" is an annual report documenting current XaaS/SaaS product management trends and disruptions.

This year's report reviews:

  • XaaS/SaaS product management trends
  • Product management best practices in the XaaS/SaaS world
  • Top KPIs trending within product management teams pursuing XaaS business models
  • What practices achieve optimal results & more
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January 31

The State of XaaS Product Management 2023

Join us to discover the top B2B tech industry trends of 2023 and solutions for overcoming business challenges impacting product management teams.

Research Report

Experience-Led Growth

This report looks at experience-led growth and the digital customer experience.

Research Report

The State of B2B Product Management: 2023

Annual report documenting current trends impacting technology product management when designing for B2B XaaS business models.

Research Report

The XaaS Growth Multiplier

This paper makes the case for understanding the XaaS model and its implications for partners and the XaaS vendor’s business growth.

Research Report

Operationalizing the Flow of Work Along the XaaS Value Stream

This report defines the value stream and offers a framework to identify the most critical integrations and information flow.

Research Report

Technology Upgrades and End-of-Life Management

This paper provides framing for how a technology provider can segment their existing install base for effective upgrade or upgrade execution.


The Secrets to Fueling Product Adoption with In App Guidance

Discover TSIA’s recommended maturity framework for an effective in-application guidance strategy backed by industry data and case examples.

Data View

Defining and Measuring Value and Outcomes

Survey findings on the practice of defining and measuring customer business outcomes and vendors' value contribution to those outcomes.

Research Report

Customer Success and Product Management Collaboration

A look at how a company’s product management and customer success organizations can collaborate for the benefit of the customer and business growth.

Data View

Trends in Technology and Service Pricing

Are technology prices increasing? Are technology services prices increasing with inflation?

Research Report

Building a Successful Product Management–Customer Success Relationship

This report looks at how product management can work better with customer success and how customer success is dependent on product management.

Research Report

The Essential Handshake Between Customer Success and Product Management

This report documents the first three first steps that should characterize any product management partnership with customer success.

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TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in the product management community. Learn more about how born-in-the-cloud companies and those undergoing business model transformation can benefit from case studies and other exclusive TSIA data.

Example conference topics include:

  • Driving XaaS cultural and skills shift
  • Case studies on the business transition journey from license to subscription
  • The role of segmentation in product design
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Meet Our Product Management Research Executive

Laura Fay
VP & Managing Director, Products and Offers Research and Advisory

Laura Fay is the vice president & managing director of offers research and advisory for TSIA. Laura is a technology industry veteran with over 30 years of experience driving business growth in the technology industry via leadership roles in product management, general management, product development, and customer success.


See how TSIA can help Product Leaders like you.

Whether your company is still trying to answer the question, “How do we create a profitable XaaS offer?” or you’re needing to accelerate the growth of your current XaaS offers, TSIA can help you and your team drive profitable growth and revenue.