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Steve Frost

VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory

Steve Frost is the vice president and managing director of revenue research and advisory for TSIA. He also serves TSIA’s vice president of subscription sales research. Steve helps member companies grow their services, subscription, and XaaS revenue by optimizing their practices for growth throughout the customer lifecycle.

Top Subscription Sales Advisory Engagements

  • The 5 Levers of Transformation for XaaS Go-To-Market
  • Engaging Services and Customer Success in the Sales Process
  • Journey to LAER Efficiency
  • Grow Services Revenue with Existing Customers
  • Transforming How You Sell to Existing Customers
  • Making the Move to Outcome-Based Selling
  • Establishing a Strategy for Subscription Selling

Research and Webinars

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August 03

Stop Talking About Sales. Start Talking About Revenue

Maximize your company’s revenue by delivering the outcomes you promised.

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How to Unlock Revenue Growth with Existing Customers

How to utilize people, process, and technology across the different functions in your organization to drive revenue growth with existing customers.

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Why CROs Will Become Commonplace

This report looks at the role of the chief revenue officer and looks at why that role will become commonplace in the near future.


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Compensation Strategies for Recurring Revenue Growth

As the old saying goes, compensation drives behavior. But before you can incentivize people to do something, you need to figure out what theyre . . .


TechByte | Helping Customer-Facing Teams to “Change the Conversation” with New a

Outcome Chains is a unique customer discovery solution that can be used at any stage of the customer engagement journey to help sellers change the . . .

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Introduction to APLAER

This report explains why sales and revenue organizations must embrace data and analytics to unlock new revenue streams.


Outcome Selling vs Value Selling vs Solution Selling Whats the Difference

Are you selling your XaaS offers effectively? Join us as we discuss how outcome selling can effectively enable your team.

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R3 Poll Results: Strategic Accounts Management

This Poll captures the role of Account executives and Customer success in growing revenue for strategic accounts


The State of XaaS Sales: 2022

Learn the four most important factors for a successful XaaS sales organization.