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Steve Frost

VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory

Steve Frost is the vice president and managing director of revenue research and advisory for TSIA. He also serves TSIA’s vice president of expand selling research. Steve helps member companies grow their services, subscription, and XaaS revenue by optimizing their practices for growth throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Steve Frost Talks About Expand Selling


Research and Webinars

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The 7 Levers of LAER Transformation

Details of LAER and how to implement core LAER principles and practices throughout your customer-facing organizations.

White Papers

The State of Customer Growth and Renewal: 2021

Key trends and upcoming research in the area of customer growth and renewal for 2021.


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Selling Based on Outcomes and Value is the Only Way Forward

Customer engagement focused on outcomes and value is imperative for any technology firms looking to grow subscription and consumption-based revenue.

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The Critical Practices for Migrating Customers to XaaS

This paper provides insight into seven critical practices that are actually moving the needle toward XaaS migration success.


Customers Wont Grow Themselves The State of Expand Selling 2021

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Research Report

The State of Expand Selling: 2021

Annual report documenting major trends and disruptions in expand selling and highlighting the research plan for 2021.


Driving Subscription Upsell and Cross-Sell Through Channel Partners

Join us to learn how to move your channel into a lifecycle sales cadence to drive more recurring revenue off your base of ARR.

Research Report

Expand and Renew

This report looks at how to maintain and grow revenue without additional sales and marketing budgets.


Re Start Your Growth Engines XaaS Your Existing Customers

Create a strategy to migrate your subscription models by leading existing customers to new offerings, while also building ongoing profitable growth.

Data View

Services-Generated Leads

TSIA DataPoint that looks at the effect of services-generated leads.


No Letter in LAER Stands Alone

In this TSIA webinar, you’ll learn how LAER efficiency results in cost-efficient revenue growth.