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Maria Manning-Chapman

VP, Education Services Research

Maria Manning-Chapman is the vice president of education services research for TSIA. She has more than 25 years of education experience in the high-technology industry. Her diverse knowledge of the education function spans from the fundamentals of content design, development, and delivery to education services strategy definition and execution.

Maria Manning-Chapman

Maria Manning-Chapman Talks About Education Services


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Top Education Services Advisory Engagements

  • The Education Services Strategy Block
  • Impact of the Subscription Economy on Education Services
  • Driving Product Adoption Through Education Services
  • Free and Fee Strategy in the Customer Engagement Lifecycle
  • Building a Recurring Revenue Stream Through Learning Subscriptions
  • Designing a Content Consumption Strategy
  • Fortifying the Education Services and Customer Success Handshake

Research and Webinars

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How the Pandemic Has Impacted Classroom Training

What happens to education revenue when it is highly dependent on face-to-face training and most of the world is mandating social distancing?


How the Pandemic Has Impacted Virtual Instructor-Led Training

The impact of COVID-19 on virtual instructor-led training.


How the Pandemic Has Impacted Onsite Training

The impact of COVID-19 on onsite training.

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Collaboration Between Education Services and Support Services

Analysis of five key questions that were asked about collaboration between education services and support services organizations.


Bridging the Gap Between Education and Support Services Organizations

Join us to learn how to improve collaboration between Education and Support organizations to enhance customer experience and drive product adoption.

Member Spotlight

Data Analytics and Education Services

Using TSIA's 5-step Consumption Analytics Framework, this case study examines Juniper University Education Services (JUES) journey to data powerhouse.


Optimizing Education Revenue in the New Normal

In this TSIA webinar, we’ll discuss current revenue status and review some approaches customer training orgs can take to maintain and grow revenue.

Research Report

TSIA Education Services Benchmarking

This report provides details on TSIA's current benchmarking methodology for education services.


Stories from the Frontline Managing an Education Business Amid a Pandemic

Join us to hear the frontline experiences of two TSIA member companies who are adapting their models to fit and address current challenges.

Research Report

Slides | Customer Training in the Time of Coronavirus

Get insight into how COVID-19 is impacting customer training organizations today and how they’re responding to current challenges.


Education Services | Customer Training in the Time of Coronavirus

In 1985, a book by the name of Love in the Time of Cholera was written by Gabriel García Márquez. That book title keeps popping up when thinking . . .


Customer Training in the Time of Coronavirus 1

Learn about the impact of COVID-19 on customer training and what the education landscape will be post COVID-19.