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Laura Fay

VP & Managing Director, Offers Research and Advisory

Laura Fay is the vice president & managing director of offers research and advisory for TSIA. Laura is a technology industry veteran with over 30 years of experience driving business growth in the technology industry via leadership roles in product management, general management, product development, and customer success.

Top XaaS Product Management Advisory Engagements

  • XaaS Business Model Foundations (MBA in a Day)
  • As-A-Service Transformation and Alignment
  • Economic Engines for Profitable XaaS
  • Changing Value Propositions for XaaS
  • Segmentation Strategies for Optimal Offer-Market Fit
  • XaaS Offer Portfolio Design for Scalable Growth
  • Impactful XaaS Pricing Solutions
  • Engineering the Customer Journey in Product
  • Effective Product Management – Customer Success Handshakes
  • Incentivizing Product Management's XaaS Actions
  • Engineering Customer Outcomes

Research and Webinars

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Is Product-Led Growth Applicable to Your Business?

This report addresses the myths and realities of a product-led growth strategy.

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Product-Led Growth: Case Examples

This document outlines over 20 illustrated practice examples where the product engagement plays a leading role in the business growth strategy.

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Product Practices Driving Adoption: Research Findings

This document reports key research findings on the topic of product management practices that drive adoption. 


Partners Prefer Platforms: How B2B Tech Is Leveraging Platforms for Accelerated

For product, partner and platform strategy leaders that are rethinking their platform strategy to drive partner engagement with their XaaS business . . .


The Product Management - Customer Success Handshake

Research tells us that the handshake between the team that creates value (Product management) and the one that helps customers realize the value . . .


Bridging the Value and Outcomes Gap: The Role of Embedded Design

Companies often engage in value and outcome-based selling and invest in customer success to drive customer outcomes when the core products are not . . .