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Subscription Sales

Your Resource for Navigating this Economy

With the current economic conditions, companies are talking about cutting costs... but cutting in the wrong places could have long term negative impacts.

Where do you cut back to reduce costs without compromising productivity or profits? And how do you find places where you can actually grow revenue? TSIA can help you with that.

From benchmarking revenue efficiency, to providing data-driven expansion and cross-selling, and a whole lot more, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no better time than now to be a TSIA subscription sales member!

Subscription Sales Business Challenges

We know what’s trending in subscription sales.

TSIA’s detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of subscription sales business challenges that we address through our membership program.

Customer Life Cycle Revenue Optimization
Cross-Organizational Handshakes
Optimizing Revenue Acquisition Cost
Leveraging Data and Analytics for Revenue Growth
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TSIA Can Help

Learn more about how TSIA can help your Sales organization accelerate recurring revenue growth. 

Experience Our Subscription Sales Research

Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight, thought leadership, best practices, and
trends in subscription sales.

TSIA’s Subscription Sales research is backed by triple-validated industry data, and covers topics like subscription sales best practices,
as-a-service sales strategy, SaaS compensation models, and more.


The State of the Chief Revenue Officer CRO 2023

Discover top initiatives CROs are taking on in the next 12-18 months and learn how they are dealing with the next wave of digital transformation.

Research Report

Engaging Customer Success in the Sales Process

Key motions that customer success teams can take to engage in the sales process.

Research Report

The State of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO): 2023

This paper examines a CRO versus a sales executive, how CROs are dealing with digital transformation, and top initiatives for next 12 to 18 months.

Research Report

Account Intelligence for Customer Growth

This report offers valuable insights into where to focus your time and resources around analytics, customer data, and account intelligence.

Data View

TSIA Quick Poll Results: Driving Consumption

This Data View Identifies industry-standard best practices for driving customer consumption for XaaS offers.


The Customer Lifecycle Approach to Revenue Growth

Discover TSIA’s research and best practices on how to grow revenue and increase profits by taking a smarter, more holistic approach.

Research Report

The Complexity and Capability-Based Customer Engagement Model for LAER

How to set up and manage the handshake between the sales and the customer success functions around upsell, cross-sell, and renewals.

Data View

R3 Poll Results: XaaS Sales Skills

This Data View shares results from the R3 Poll, XaaS Sales Skills, and identifies leveraged sales skills for outcome selling.

Research Report

How to Close Upsells with Renewals and Customer Success

This report gives guidance on how to involve services and customer success teams in upselling to existing customers.


Stop Talking About Sales. Start Talking About Revenue

Maximize your company’s revenue by delivering the outcomes you promised.

Research Report

Selling for Success

This report discusses when and how the customer success organization and a company’s CSMs should be involved in the pre-sales and closing motions.

Research Report

How to Unlock Revenue Growth with Existing Customers

How to utilize people, process, and technology across the different functions in your organization to drive revenue growth with existing customers.


Attend a TSIA Conference

TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in the subscription sales community.

You’ll find sessions focused on:

  • How changes to compensation can drive subscription offer growth
  • Account and offer segmentation to drive demand
  • Supporting the channel to sell subscription offers
Steve Frost speaking at a TSIA Conference

Experience Our Community

Join our community of subscription sales leaders.

Have questions about navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? Ask your peers at TSIA Exchange—a free forum for technology, services, sales, and product teams to ask questions and get answers together.


Meet Our Subscription Sales Research Expert

This expert research executive heads up our subscription sales research practice.

Subscription Sales Advisory Board

This elite group of professionals advises TSIA on how to best deliver relevant programs, research, and events to members.


Tom DeCoster
VP, Integrated Services Sales


Frank Ciccone
Senior VP and GM, North America Sales and Service Delivery


Jane Li
VP of Corporate Intelligence, Integrated Planning and GTM Strategy


Juan Pablo Jiménez
COO and Business Operations VP, Citrix Americas Region