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TSIA's detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of service revenue generation business challenges that we address through our membership program.

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Research Report

The State of Service Revenue Generation: 2019

Annual report documenting major trends and disruptions for service revenue generation and highlighting the SRG research plan for 2019.


Automating Your Low-Dollar - Long Tail Renewals

How to renew contracts and plans with a cost-effective approach.

Research Report

Should Channel Partners Renew Subscription Plans?

TSIA quick poll findings on the subject of whether channel partners should play a role with renewing subscription plans.

Research Report

Ten Steps to Implementing an Effective Auto-Renew Program

Best practices for introducing an auto-renew program to remove friction from the renewal of subscription plans or support contracts.


5 Plays to Maximize Subscription Renewal Revenue and Minimize Risk

Join us to learn how to optimize the renewal engagement model and achieve exceptional renewal rates with subscription plans.

Research Report

TSIA Service Revenue Generation Benchmarking

Key results, operational metrics, and practices for on-premise and cloud businesses that enable companies to grow recurring service revenues.

Research Report

Renewal Sales Compensation Study Findings - Part 3

Findings from TSIA’s first Renewal Sales Compensation Study. Part 1 looks at pay practices. Part 2 shares pay ranges. Part 3 is span of control.

Research Report

10 Practices to Accelerate Recurring Service Revenue via Channel Partners

This publication provides a summary from a one-day Executive Forum with members of the Service Revenue Generation discipline focused on optimizing . . .

Research Report

End of Support Life: Quick Poll Findings

This DataView reveals findings from the End of Support Life Quick Poll, including information on setting up mainstream and extended support periods.


Gender Diversity in Consulting: It’s Not Just a Women’s Issue

Discover why firms with strong gender diversity programs in place attract and retain better talent.


Recurring Service Revenues: Opportunities for Growth in 2018

Get the key capabilities to grow your recurring service revenues in 2018 and make a significant impact on overall company performance.

Research Report

Renewal Sales Compensation Study Findings - Part 1

Findings from TSIA’s first Renewal Sales Compensation Study. Part 1 looks at pay practices. Part 2 shares pay ranges.


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TSW offers extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in subscription services community. You’ll discover how to optimize the subscription renewal process to scale your business, in addition to discovering best practices for bringing new service offers to existing customers. Additionally, you will learn more about:

  • Harmonizing renewal practices and support offers with mergers and acquisitions
  • Taking on renewal of subscription plans
  • Transitioning customers to new service offers
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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Charles Braud
VP, Sales Performance & Enablement

Dell EMC

Bill Keefe
VP, Global Renewal Sales


John Smolinski
SVP, Global Subscription Services & License Management


Katie Bianchi
VP, Support & Renewals


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