Research Practices

TSIA's dedicated team of experienced research executives work to provide our members with compelling content, best practices, and tools that are the most relevant to their businesses. To better help you find the best path to growing and advancing your technology and services business, we offer membership opportunities in a variety of research practices within the tech industry.

customer-success-icon Customer Success
Customer Success

Ensure technology adoption and deliver customer business outcomes.

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education-services-icon Education Services
Education Services

Optimize customer engagement through learning to drive product adoption.

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expand-selling-icon Expand Selling
Expand Selling

Use services teams to grow revenue with existing customers.

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field-services-icon Field Services
Field Services

Optimize field service delivery and drive digital transformation with IoT and Big Data.

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managed-services-icon Managed Services
Managed Services

Grow and scale your managed services business.

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professional-services-icon Professional Services
Professional Services

Optimize your project delivery and consulting services.

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service-revenue-generation-icon Service Revenue Generation
Service Revenue Generation

Develop, attach, and renew recurring service offers.

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support-services-icon Support Services
Support Services

Optimize and transform support organizations to provide next-generation service.

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xpm XaaS Product Management
XaaS Product Management

Optimize product management for as-a-service success.

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industry-trends-icon Industry Trends
Industry Trends

Stay current on the latest industry trends.

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analytics-research-icon Technology Consumption and Data Analytics
Technology Consumption and Data Analytics

Improve operations and outcomes with data-driven insights.

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technology-research-icon Technology and Social Research
Technology and Social Research

Maximize investments in social and service technology.

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