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We know what it takes to drive revenue growth with existing customers.

TSIA's detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of expand selling business challenges that we address through our membership program.

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Helping Will Sell Selling Won't Help Webinar

Find out how your Services and Customer Success teams can help drive revenue growth for your company, while helping improve customer outcomes.


Engaging Services in the Sales Process Webinar

Join us to learn when, where, and how Services teams should be brought into the sales process to help drive low-cost revenue growth.


The State of Expand Selling 2018 Webinar

Get the latest TSIA research, industry trends, and data point that a shift in how technology companies are acquiring low-cost revenue in 2018.

Research Report

The State of Expand Selling: 2018 Research Report

This report provides an in-depth look into expand selling key trends, and addresses the shift that's taking place in 2018.

Research Report

What Is Expand Selling? Research Report

Expand selling is a cost-effective approach to growing customers. Find out how your company can leverage the right models and motions.


4 Levers to Help Your Sales Team Sell Services Webinar

Motivate your sales team to effectively sell services with these 4 full-proof levers.


3 Critical Moves for Preparing Service Teams to Drive Revenue Webinar

Get the insight, data and know-how you need to successfully involve Services into the sales process.

Research Report

Gamification Models for Enabling Lead Generation through Services Research Report

Information from TSIA’s 2017 Lead Generation through Services survey, specifically looking at the use of gamification for lead-generation success.


7 Steps to $7 Leads Webinar

Join this webinar to learn how to launch a lead generation program where leads costs as little as $7 and close more than 20% of the time.

Research Report

Generating $7 B2B Leads from Your Customer-Facing Teams Research Report

In this white paper, we will explore how your customer-facing teams are an untapped source of low-cost B2B lead generation.

Research Report

The Expand Selling Maturity Model Research Report

This report walks you through the expand selling journey, looking at challenges and best practices as well as the upsell and cross-sell motion.

Research Report

Expand Selling Lead Generation through Services Survey Findings Research Report

Survey results on how companies are compensating non-sales personnel for sales motions, such as lead generation and upsell and cross-sell motions.


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Steve Frost, VP Research, Expand Selling

Steve works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on how to use different sales approaches and services touchpoints to drive new leads, increase revenue, and provide better customer outcomes.

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