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Sariel Moshe


xFind's mission is to supercharge every customer interaction with contextual knowledge. xFind utilizes advanced AI techniques – among them GPT and NLP – to generate and extract knowledge from organizational sources such as Salesforce, Jira, Confluence and Slack; it then delivers answers via any customer facing system, including Salesforce CRM, customer portals and chatbots. xFind’s customer base includes Kaltura, Innovid, cvent, Check Point, and others. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv.

Business Outcomes

How to Leverage Unstructured Data

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, xFind allows agents and customers to quickly find the most relevant, contextual knowledge needed to resolve customer issues from structured and unstructured data including from Salesforce, Jira, Confluence and others. This reduces the time spent searching multiple sources and can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of support agents and customer satisfaction.

Total Customer Experience

By synthesizing information from various enterprise sources into a single answer and automatically curating unstructured knowledge into single articles, xFind ensures that agents and customers are provided with comprehensive and accurate information. Accurate and readily available answers can significantly improve the overall customer experience and result in higher retention rates.

Transitioning to a Profit Center

By detecting trends in customer issues and case drivers, xFind enables support managers to become proactive in solving customer issues via an improved product, and answering customer requests.

Business Outcomes

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Support Services

Improve CSAT and first-call resolution, and make your agents more proficient by putting the most relevant, case-specific information at their fingertips as they engage with customers.

Knowledge Management Best Practices

Gather information from everywhere, any source, any silo, no matter how unstructured, and unify the relevant results in a single user interface.

Top Trends for Self-Service

Today’s empowered customers want to solve issues on their own. Why stand in their way? Coveo helps you deliver AI-powered search within your self-service site so customers can easily and quickly find the most relevant solutions.