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Why Managed Services is Critical to Your Companys Future

Learning the relationship between “as-a-service” business models and managed services capabilities.

Research Report

Managed Services Sales Compensation: 2017 Survey Results

This report focuses on the results of the TSIA 2017 Managed Services Sales Compensation Study.

Research Report

The State of Managed Services and XaaS: 2019

Annual report documenting major trends and disruptions in managed services and highlighting TSIA’s MS research plan for 2019.


The State of Managed Services 2019

Learn about trends and metrics that dictate what lies ahead for managed service providers (MSPs) in 2019.


Do "This," Not "That" to Successfully Grow Your Managed Services Business

Separate fact from fiction and learn what key practices can accelerate managed services growth as you rotate away from traditional tech sales.

Research Report

The Case for Customer Success in Managed Services

This service insight details how sales and support can work together within a LAER model to help transform managed services growth.

Starter Kit

The Managed Services Starter Kit for OEMs

Use TSIA’s benchmark-validated Customer Success ROI Calculator to see how compounding customer churn is limiting your potential revenue growth.


Top 5 Mistakes When Starting a Managed Services Business[Archived]

By now, you�ve surely heard the buzz about managed services (MS), but launching and growing a managed services business is not for the faint of . . .

Research Report

Top Five Mistakes Made When Starting a Managed Services Business

The market for managed services is growing at an ever increasing rate, driven by a rise in technical complexity of today's solutions and the push for . . .


The State of Managed Services 2018

Find out what the top trends in managed services are for 2018, and how those trends are impacting MSP performance.

Research Report

The State of Managed Services: 2018

This report is a guiding resource for managed services providers to embrace trends and tackle the challenges ahead.

Research Report

Five Key Practices of a Successful Managed Services Provider

The Technology Services Industry Association presents the five managed services key practices essential for a successful managed services provider


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  • Keys to successfully growing managed services: What has worked for you?
  • Next-generation automation in the delivery of managed services
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George Humphrey is TSIA’s vice president of managed services research. He works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them establish, optimize, and grow their Managed Services business and achieve better customer outcomes.

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This elite group of professionals advises TSIA on how to best deliver relevant programs, research, and events to members.


Marty Grosh
VP, Service Solutions

Digital Hands

Charlotte Baker

Dimension Data

Dilip Kumar
COO, Group Services

Brink's, Inc.

Tim Witt
SVP, US Sales & Business Development


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