Focus Area: Expand Selling

The concept of expand selling (ExS) as a formal initiative is rapidly emerging in the technology industry. Companies are beginning to find ways to accelerate revenue growth with existing customers in a more formal manner, and to do so cost efficiently. Expand selling is different than landing a new technology sale with a customer, and involves more than just selling additional products and services to existing customers. Expand selling can involve helping customers achieve desired business outcomes with their existing technology, which in turn will lead to accelerated revenue growth at scale. To achieve this objective, we see the need for transformation across sales, services, and customer success, and for changes in how these functions interact with one another. The two fundamental questions of expand selling are:

  • What motions accelerate customer outcomes, spending, and by how much?
  • Which service touch points can effectively generate revenue in context?

Top Service Business Challenges

TSIA conducts extensive research so you don't have to. Our detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of expand selling business issues that we address through our research programs. Topics include customer engagement models, sales roles, selling skills and functional interactions, customer analytics, and much more. View the ExS Top Business Challenges ▶

Meet the Research Expert

Steve Frost is vice president of research, leading TSIA's efforts in industry benchmarking, research, and thought leadership in the area of expand selling. Who is TSIA? Download our CV

What Is Expand Selling And Why Is It Important?

By J.B. Wood, TSIA

Free Research Report  2017 Tech Stack Report: Expand Selling  Download this report to learn which technology components are driving formal  cross-selling and upselling motions with existing customers.     Download Report

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