Top Field Services Business Challenges

Below is a list of service capabilities and service business challenges specific to field services. These service capabilities have been defined by TSIA as necessary actions that must be performed to achieve desired results—the ability to run a cost, profit, and revenue-optimized services business. In addition, TSIA has identified hundreds of service business challenges that service organizations commonly face. Linked directly to the service capabilities, these service business challenges are defined both globally as well as at the focus area service discipline level.

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Attracting & Retaining Field Services Talent

  1. How are companies retaining talent and knowledge with an ever-changing workforce?

Core Metrics & Dashboards

  1. What are the latest services KPIs, analytics and service data that companies should be tracking to effectively run their field service and depot repair operations?

Customer Management Technology

  1. What are the most popular CRM/incident management platforms used by TSIA members?

Customer Satisfaction/Enterprise Feedback Management

  1. What are the processes, technologies, and metrics used to improve customer satisfaction ratings of Field Service engagements?

Embedded & Remote Diagnostics

  1. What are the best practices for preventing the truck roll and reducing the need to go onsite by resolving issues proactively and remotely?

Enterprise Knowledge/Content Management

  1. What are the best practices around knowledge and content management within the context of the field service on-site visit and how is the knowledge gained onsite best captured, shared and utilized?

Field Service Management System

  1. How are companies addressing the adding levels of security and privacy needs with so much data available via web/cloud based applications?

Fleet Optimization

  1. What are companies doing to optimize the selection, operation and refresh of their vehicle fleet?

FS Mobility Tools

  1. How can field service organizations maximize productivity through the expanded use of mobility tools?

FS Parts & Logistics

  1. What are companies doing to reduce spare parts and logistics expense while ensuring that key SLA's are achieved?

FS Resource Optimization

  1. How do companies measure field service engineer utilization and what is the current performance level?

Next Generation Field Service Offerings

  1. How are companies finding new ways to generate/drive revenue through a variety of field service offerings?

Outsourcing Field Services

  1. Who are the vendors in the marketplace that provide Field Service and Depot Repair outsourcing services?

Service Entitlement

  1. How do companies entitle their devices for support?

Service Strategy Profile

  1. What frameworks can we use to better align our service strategy with the overall company strategy?