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August 07

Developing a Learning Subscription Renewal Strategy: What’s Your’s?

Learn how a robust subscription “workout” program can help your ES organization build and maintain a healthy and fit subscription offer.

July 11

Leverage Certification to Establish Customer Advocacy

Join us to discover how combining your current ecosystem with a certification initiative can further fortify your business for long-term success.

Research Report

2018 Education Services Pricing Survey

Results from the 2018 Education Services Pricing Survey. Discusses list and realized price for individual and enterprise subscription offers.

Research Report

Content Development in the Age of XaaS

A look at how ES organizations are coping with the increase in content volume and frequency of updates brought about by XaaS as a business model.


The State of Customer Training 2019

Learn current trends impacting education services organizations and find out which capabilities and strategies you’ll need to consider for success.

Research Report

The Perfect Partnership: Education Services and Support Services

Mentor Graphic’s digital learning journey and how its vision of customer knowledge acquisition led to a partnership with the Mentor Support Center.

Research Report

The State of Education Services: 2019

This report discusses key marketplace trends and critical capabilities that education services organizations must acquire to ensure success in 2019.

Research Report

2018 Education Services Pricing Survey: Subscription Offers (Abridged)

This report covers abridged results from the portal questionnaire portion of the 2018 Education Services Pricing Survey.


Education Subscription Offers: Knock-Knock Who's There?

Uncover the important factors that make education subscription offers both effective and profitable.

Research Report

Education Services Sales

This research report summarizes findings from the Education Services Sales Summit and highlights nine sales best practices.


Education Services Sales: All Work, No Play

Join us for this 30-minute webinar to discuss how TSIA can help you develop a successful sales strategy.

Research Report

Transitioning from the Traditional Transactional Stage to the Experiment Stage

First part in a 3-part series that addresses the transition that education services organizations must make to support a SaaS business model.


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  • How is education services partnering with other service lines to enhance or improve the customer experience?
  • Which technology education services is using in the provision of its learning and content development?
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