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Customer Success

Your Resource for Navigating this Economy

With the current economic conditions, companies are talking about cutting costs... but cutting in the wrong places could have long term negative impacts.

Where do you cut back to reduce costs without compromising productivity or profits? And how do you find places where you can actually grow revenue? TSIA can help you with that.

From understanding where to leverage digital capabilities to get greater efficiencies, to monetization strategies to generate additional revenue, and a whole lot more, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no better time than now to be a TSIA customer success member!

Get Customer Success Research and Advisory with TSIA

When it comes to customer success trends and best practices, TSIA has its finger on the pulse. Our industry experts work directly with Customer Success
teams to help them benchmark their organizations so they can effectively optimize, scale, and grow.

Top Customer Success Challenges

Here’s a look at the top business challenges we’re currently helping our Customer Success members across the globe solve:​

Adoption Monitoring and Health Score
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Customer Success
Best Practices for Establishing a Customer Success Organization
Customer Success Compensation Strategies
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TSIA Can Help

Whether your company is still trying to answer the question, “What is customer success?” or you’re part of a mature Customer Success organization, TSIA can help you, your team, and your partners drive profitable growth.

Experience Our Research

Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight, thought leadership, best practices and
trends in customer success.

TSIA’s Customer Success research is backed by over one million data points, and covers topics like scaling customer success, monetizing customer success, key customer success metrics and KPIs, staffing a customer success organization, adoption and health monitoring, and more.

Research Report

Customer Success Dashboards

This report focuses on the most commonly used KPIs, metrics, and health score variables that are used to inform customer success dashboards.

Research Report

2022 Customer Success, Growth, and Renewal Compensation Study

This document reports research findings on compensation data related to the roles involved in delivering customer success and contract renewal.

Data View

TSIA Quick Poll Results: Ethical Dilemmas in Customer Success

This document reports key research findings on the topic of the ethical dilemmas customer success organizations face and how to prevent them.

Research Report

The Future of Customer Success

TSIA asserts that customer success will become the dominant revenue engine for XaaS companies. This paper explains why.

Research Report

Customer Success and Product Management Collaboration

A look at how a company’s product management and customer success organizations can collaborate for the benefit of the customer and business growth.

Research Report

How to Talk to Your CEO About Funding Customer Success

Download the e-book and access the three budgeting principles of how to talk to your CEO about funding customer success.

Research Report

Building a Successful Product Management–Customer Success Relationship

This report looks at how product management can work better with customer success and how customer success is dependent on product management.

Research Report

Customer Success Organizational Structure 2022

This report focuses on customer success organizational structures and which alignment is best and most profitable for the organization.

Research Report

The Essential Handshake Between Customer Success and Product Management

This report documents the first three first steps that should characterize any product management partnership with customer success.


Customer Success Telemetry Top Metrics and Dashboards for Growth and Efficiency

Join us for a discussion on the top metrics and dashboards needed for growth and efficiency in customer success.

Data View

R3 Poll Results: Top Metrics for Best Practices in Customer Success

This document reports key research findings on the topic of best practices associated with customer success metrics.

Data View

R3 Poll Results: Customer Success Pacesetters 2022

This document reports research findings on the topic of how customer success organizations rate their performance in terms of operational excellence.


Attend a TSIA Conference

TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in the customer success community.

You’ll find sessions focused on:

  • Operationalizing the customer journey
  • Enabling digital customer success
  • Accelerating customer success at scale
Stephen Fulkerson speaking at TSW

Experience Our Community

Join our community of customer success leaders.

Meet Our Customer Success Research Executives

This team of expert research executives heads up our customer success research practice.

Customer Success Advisory Board

This elite group of professionals advises TSIA on how to best deliver relevant programs, research, and events to members.

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SVP, Global Customer Success


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Executive VP & Global Chief Customer Officer


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SVP of Global Customer Success


Meenu Agarwal
SVP and GM of Customer Success


TSIA Member Outcomes

Improving customer success performance.

See the impact TSIA is making on the tech industry by helping Customer Success organizations improve their performance.