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CRO Council


A research and data-based community for Chief Revenue Officers and Senior Executives focused on growing XaaS revenue across the customer lifecycle.


Customer Lifecycle Optimization

Cross Functional Revenue Orchestration

Resource Effectiveness and Efficiency

Revenue Acquisition 

Data & Analytics Placement

Outcome Based Engagement

chief revenue officer priorities report

The State of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) 2023

Optimizing Revenue Growth across the Customer Life Cycle

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A Chief Revenue Officers’ Community that helps you navigate this often-volatile landscape and provides you with tools to succeed in the role.


The Pillars of Revenue Optimization

Customer Lifecycle Optimization

Close deals that set you and your customers up for success in a long term, contractual relationship and grow revenue from existing customers.

Cross Functional Revenue Orchestration

TSIA Data and Expertise helps you plan to optimize your XaaS Sales, at any stage in your XaaS transformation and across the customer lifecycle.

Resource Effectiveness 
and Efficiency

Placing the right sales or CS resource on the right deal at the right time with the highest chance of success at the lowest revenue acquisition cost (RAC).

Data & Analytics Placement

TSIA Frameworks and expertise helps you leverage data and analytics to improve XaaS sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Outcome Based Engagement

TSIA data and resources help you stop selling features and functionality and start selling around customer outcomes.

Top Business Challenges We’re Solving for Chief Revenue Officers:

  • Customer Lifecycle Revenue Optimization
  • Optimizing Revenue Acquisition Cost (RAC)
  • Leveraging Data and Analytics for Revenue Growth
  • Outcome-Based Selling and Engagement
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Customer Lifecycle Revenue Growth
  • Increasing Win Rate
  • Account Segmentation for Effective Selling
  • Defining the Relationship between Sales and Customer Success
  • Optimizing Organizational Structures for Revenue Growth

Chief Revenue Officer Emerging Role

A Chief Revenue Officers’ Community that helps you navigate this often-volatile landscape and provides you with tools to succeed in the role.

"This is not a snazzy title for the head of sales. This is a new, more advanced, and targeted executive—and a team that is focused on those five circles. Many of you don’t have anybody focused on those five circles. And that has got to change."

Chief Revenue Officer Priorities

Never More Important than Now

chief revenue officer priorities

Helping Chief Revenue Officers Understand...


To reduce only the operating costs that don’t cut into the productivity or efficiency of profitable revenue generation.

Increase Sales with Fewer Salespeople

  • Increase sales with less staff by leveraging data and analytics from the entire customer lifecycle to place the right resource on the right deal at the lowest cost with the highest chance of success.

Customer Lifecycle Revenue Optimization

  • Understand where to eliminate ineffective activities that lead to revenue loss and revenue latency.
  • Improve win rates and make sales more efficient through analytics.
  • Pay lower commissions by leveraging e-commerce and Customer Success for lower complexity transactions.

Decrease Cost of Sales

  • Identify which critical practices drive down Revenue Acquisition Cost (RAC) and lead to cost-efficient growth.


To focus more on the places where revenue CAN be grown in this economy.

Increase Sales Effectiveness and Win Rates

  • Leverage data and analytics to inform the optimal sales process and maximize revenue per prospect and increase total contract value.

Data-driven Expansion and Cross-selling

  • Leverage lifecycle analytics to identify key customers to target for expansion and find new cross-sell opportunities without additional marketing expenses.

Outcome-based Customer Engagement

  • Increase sales, adoption, and renewal by leveraging outcome frameworks to drive the right discussions and ensure clean handoffs with Customer Success.


The State of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) 2023

Optimizing Revenue Growth across the Customer Life Cycle

TSIA has conducted interviews and surveys with dozens of technology chief revenue officers (CROs) and has learned what is top of mind for them right now as well as the most pressing challenges they will face in 2023 and beyond.

This paper covers the rise of the chief revenue officer and its importance in the technology industry, in addition to:

  • The role of the CRO and how it differs from a sales executive.
  • How CROs are dealing with the next wave of digital transformation.
  • Top initiatives that CROs are taking on in the next 12 to 18 months.

Authored By:

  • Steve Frost, VP and Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory, TSIA
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Meet Our Research Executive

Steve Frost
VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research 
and Advisory

Steve Frost is the vice president and managing director of revenue research and advisory for TSIA. He also serves TSIA’s vice president of CRO Council research. Steve helps member companies grow their services, subscription, and XaaS revenue by optimizing their practices for growth throughout the customer lifecycle.

Join a community of like-minded executives focused on efficient revenue growth across the customer lifecycle.
  • Meaningful connection with other CROs, with two in-person and two virtual Council meetings per year
  • TSIA Revenue Optimization Benchmark with customized readout and recommendations
  • The world’s most complete body of research on Outcome Based Engagement and Lifecycle Revenue Optimization, and practical research on topics like Analytics, Compensation, Skills, and Cross-functional Handshakes
  • Access to TSIA researchers, including subject matter experts on Sales & Revenue, Data & Analytics, and other key topics
  • Ability to influence TSIA research on new and emerging critical topics and industry trends