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Send Your Employees to TSIA World: Envision- Everybody Wins

5 Ways TSIA’s Conference Boosts Employee Retention and Recruitment

3 min read
By Paul Kent
The employee market is as competitive as it’s ever been–so what are you doing to keep and attract top talent?

To avoid employee churn and come out on top in the “talent wars,” your company should be doing everything it can to increase employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, create stronger customer relationships, stay with their company longer, and contribute more to your bottom line.

But engaging employees is easier said than done. Find out why sending your staff to our TSIA World: Envision conference is a sure fire way to do just that.

Inspire Your Team with Actionable Ideas to Share

The community-forward nature of TSIA means that your team will interact with executives from all around the world across all industries. This creates an energizing environment for innovative ideas to flow, and allows them to learn from our experts and gain perspective from their peers.

With nearly 100 educational sessions to attend and dozens of solutions to discover in our exhibit hall, your team will generate cutting-edge ideas. These strategies and solutions won’t just be theoretical, but have real-world applications that will positively  impact your company.

"TSIA has created a conference that allows technology professionals from multiple industries to come together and share their best practices.”
- Gary Grecsek, Vice President of OneSource® Laboratory Service

After sending your staff to the conference, they’ll return excited to share their learnings and share it with your whole team. Having ideas and enthusiasm come from members of your team and not just you will help decisions feel grounded in consensus.

Help Employees Worry Less About Job Security and Focus More on Company Vision

When your employee knows where the company is headed and that you are planning on taking them along for the ride, it creates a feeling of security.

The conference gives you a chance to show your employees that you’re willing to invest in them and what your plans for the future are. Your team is  more likely to focus on their building towards your vision if they know both the company’s future and their place in it is secure.  

TSIA World: Envision gives practical advice on how to manage through difficult times, and position your organization for future prosperity. This  casts an optimistic outlook onto today's business challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. Optimism is a powerful corporate cultural asset!
Team Excited to be at TSIA World: Envision

Generate Buy-in for Your Vision

Attending TSIA World: Envision, your team will get a “behind the scenes look” at the strategy that goes into the company’s decisions. Once they understand the vision, your employees are more likely to get onboard with the changes you’re hoping to make.

Understanding the vision will boost the resolve of the employees who attended, and make them “change evangelists” for those who did not. Hearing from their co-worker (and not their boss’ boss) about the goals you’re working towards will go a long way in getting the whole company on board.

Never underestimate the power of employee buy-in and what it can do.

Provide a Unique Professional Development Opportunity   

Studies show that professional development incentives are a great employee performance motivator–two to three times more effective than cash! When budgets are tight, professional development can help improve job satisfaction in a way that is more cost effective than individual raises or bonuses.

With our research-based education offerings and networking events, TSIA World: Envision is the perfect place for professional development. Our solution-oriented environment gives employees the chance to explore ideas and areas outside of their comfort zone and allows them to grow beyond their current title.
Attendees in expert-led breakouts

Invest in Your Employees and They’ll Be More Likely to Stay  

Losing employees is expensive. Studies show that it is far more expensive to hire new employees than to keep the ones you currently have. In fact, “a 5% increase in employee retention can generate a 25-85% increase in profitability” (TBA Global).

Employees that feel they’ve been invested in and are equally invested in the company’s vision aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Bringing your team to TSIA World: Envision can help keep top talent on your team and deepen their sense of commitment to the mission. Investing in your team keeps you on track to enact all of the new best practices you’ll pick up at the conference.

The Bottom Line…

Engaging with your employees is the best way to keep the employees you have and attract top talent to your company. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to improve your employee engagement while simultaneously gaining valuable learnings on today’s top business challenges and solutions. Our targeted breakouts include:
  • Best Practices in Service Delivery (Support Services, Professional Services, Managed Services, Field Services, Education Services)
  • Innovation in Customer Success
  • Service Offer Management
  • XaaS Partner & Channel Optimization
  • XaaS Product Management
  • XaaS Revenue Growth
When multiple employees attend TSIA World: Envision, it facilitates team building, information flow, and collaborative solution development allowing your team to get to know each other, building further trust and sense of joint mission.
TSIA World: Envision Checklist


 August 16, 2022

Darlene Kelly

About Author Paul Kent

Paul Kent is the senior vice president of events for TSIA. In his role, he is responsible for the management, growth, and development of TSIA’s face to face and virtual event programs. Paul brings over 30 years of conference and trade show experience to his role. He has managed and brought to market some of the most influential events in the technology industry, including events that created the Internet, fostered the Apple industry, introduced the iPhone, brought telephony and video to the internet, and brought mobile technologies to undeveloped corners of the world.