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Over the past few years, there's been a significant increase in the amount of service revenue coming from managed services, making it the fastest growing service line in the technology industry. With so much growth and activity, it’s important that all managed services providers understand exactly which critical metrics and managed services KPIs (key performance indicators) they should be monitoring to track their overall performance, as well as how those figures will evolve over time.

A Snapshot of 3 Crucial KPIs That Managed Services Providers Should Be Measuring Based on TSIA's Benchmark Survey

From TSIA's Managed Services Benchmark Survey, we collected data from over 50 hardware, software, and non-manufacturer (non-OEM) companies to measure their performance and growth in managed services. This managed services infographic provides a snapshot of 3 of the most crucial managed services KPIs and metrics the benchmark survey tracks that every MSP should be monitoring, and how companies within each category are performing, such as:

  • Total recurring revenue growth
  • Total bookings revenue growth
  • Revenue retention rate

How does your company compare? I talk in detail about these and other metrics and KPIs you should be monitoring and how they've changed in my webinar, “TSIA Managed Services Trend Analysis.”


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George Humphrey

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George Humphrey is the vice president and managing director of service and delivery research and advisory for TSIA. Given his extensive background, George also directly supports the managed services research practice. He is a networking and communications industry veteran with over 25+ years of experience. Throughout his career, he has held several leadership positions in managed services, including global strategy, product line management, marketing, operations, and client management.

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