Today's technology and services organizations rely on TSIA to provide them with the right business frameworks, best practices, and deep industry insight they'll need to overcome top business challenges, achieve specific business objectives, and thrive in a changing market. TSIA is excited to announce a new collection of offers designed to help companies like yours achieve desired business outcomes even faster, called Strategic Services. Through our Speaking engagements, Workshops, and Advisory Sprints, you and your organization can now choose the level of hands-on, customized assistance you'll need to meet your goals. I've asked TSIA's SVP Strategic Services and GM Major Accounts, Tom Pridham, to share with you more about Strategic Services, and how they can help your organization get the insights you need to drive the results you want in a fraction of the time.

Q: What are Strategic Services and how do they benefit TSIA members?

Tom: We developed our Strategic Services portfolio to provide organizations with a customized approach to overcoming specific service business challenges (SBC's), by accelerating the path to success using TSIA insights and resources within each of our 8 service disciplines. Basically, Strategic Services are a way for members to take TSIA frameworks, data, and research and put them into the context for the service business challenge they are trying to solve, whether operational, strategic, or transformational in nature.

We offer three categories of Strategic Services, which are delivered through 2-hour, 2-day, and/or 2-month engagements:

  • Speaking: TSIA industry experts can be booked for 1-2 hour speaking engagements to provide contextual insight on the latest industry trends, challenges, and what the future holds from a list of available topics applicable to your operation. Speaking engagements are a great way to understand what's going on with the rest of the industry, identify what's working and what's not working, and discuss the challenges you're experiencing on your journey to organizational transformation.
  • Workshops: Designed to be anywhere from a half day to two days in length, workshops leverage TSIA thought leadership, benchmark data, and industry best practices, putting them into the context of a desired goal to create a plan of action you can use to launch your transformational journey.
  • Advisory Sprints: Over the course of a 1-2 month period, Advisory Sprints combine speaking and a series of workshops with the objective of providing customized guidance for overcoming business challenges. Advisory Sprints are a great way to check the progress on targeted activities and receive further guidance from TSIA experts.

Watch this video to see what TSIA members are saying about Strategic Services!

Q: Who is eligible to take advantage of Strategic Services and who should participate?

Tom: Strategic Services were designed as an add-on option for existing member companies who would like additional help putting TSIA's vast vault of TSIA data and research into context and actionable plans for their business. Non-member companies are also welcome to request similar help, and if TSIA resources are available, we will recommend an engagement where we believe we can have the highest impact in the shortest time.

As for who should participate, Strategic Services are often sponsored by C-level executives within an organization, such as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Sales Officer, etc. TSIA recommends that the sponsoring executive participate in the engagement as much as possible.

Q: What are the top service business challenges that TSIA members are experiencing and how can Strategic Services help?

Tom: TSIA's Strategic Services catalog has an extensive list of over 20 topics for members to choose from, which fall into the 2-hour, 2-day, 2-months categories. These topics include but are not limited to: Profitable XaaS, TSIA's LAER framework (Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew), Customer Engagement Models, and Scaling Customer Success, just to name a few.

For companies looking to pivot to a XaaS (technology-as-a-service) business model, there are a number of significant business implications that need to be taken into consideration before that shift can happen successfully, such as current capabilities, org. structure, and the customer engagement model. To support a need such as this, TSIA offers Strategic Services to guide our members on what to do for each topic, such as Offer Definition in a XaaS Business Model, Customer Engagement Models for XaaS, and the Financial Models Associated with XaaS Business Models, and more.

Q: After a Strategic Services engagement, what are some next steps organizations can take to make the most of their experience?

Tom: There are a couple paths members can take after participating in a TSIA Strategic Services engagement. The first path might be to book an Advisory Sprint to utilize TSIA experts as part of an ongoing checkpoint motion to monitor the your team's progress on the agreed to activities resulting from the initial speaking engagement or workshop.

A second path would be to test your company's operational excellence in a particular area of support, field services or professional services, which can be done by leveraging TSIA's Operational Best Practices diagnostic and/or certification programs. Companies seek out certification with TSIA for a variety of reasons, including shoring up their core operational capabilities, pivoting toward a specific transformation goal, and to prove their dedication to an excellent customer experience. TSIA and J.D. Power provide industry endorsement for areas of excellence that can be a differentiator and are used to promote why a prospect or customer will want to do business with your company. Once you've successfully brought your organization up to a high level of operational excellence, TSIA's diagnostic and certification programs are a great way to rigorously test and publicly advertise your accomplishments.

Q: Why should member companies consider leveraging Strategic Services?

Tom: This is an opportunity to take an important initiative within your organization and accelerate it by leveraging TSIA content, data, frameworks, industry insight, and expertise and putting each into context for your specific business challenge. While TSIA membership alone can help your organization overcome key challenges address key business objectives, Strategic Services offer a higher level of assistance designed to help member companies achieve their desired outcomes faster.

Q: Can you share some examples of how TSIA members have benefitted from using Strategic Services?

Tom: At our recent Technology Services World conference, we had four member companies–GE Digital, Intuitive Surgical, PerkinElmer, and Riverbed Technologies–sit on a panel with us to share how Strategic Services has accelerated several of their targeted initiatives, such as leadership alignment on important next steps for their business, including a review of the optimal approach for solving top issues. They explained how TSIA helped them address these topics and identify operational gaps in their day-to-day performance, as well as provided insight on how to close those gaps in order to improve their top line revenue and bottom-line profitability.

Q: How does a company get started with a Strategic Services engagement with TSIA?

Tom: If you're a TSIA member wanting assistance with core strategic or operationally oriented initiatives, you can contact our Strategic Services team directly, ask your Member Success Manager, or contact TSIA by phone at (858) 674-5491. We're eager to help you decide which Strategic Services offering and engagement motion will work best for solving your business challenges.

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Do You Have a Business Challenge Standing in the Way of Your Success? TSIA Can Help

Thanks for your time, Tom! If you're interested in learning more about how TSIA can help your business achieve accelerated levels of success in an ever-changing industry, drop us a line and together we can strategize on how best to solve the key business challenges currently affecting your organization. We look forward to showing you how our extensive library of research, resources, industry expertise, and new Strategic Services offers can help accelerate your path to achieving your business goals and desired outcomes.

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