Today's technology and services organizations rely on TSIA to provide them with the right business frameworks, best practices, deep industry insight, and the data they'll need to overcome top business challenges, achieve specific business objectives, and thrive in a rapidly changing market. TSIA’s advisory solutions, called TSIA Strategic Services, are designed to help companies like yours achieve your desired business outcomes even faster.

Through our speaking engagements, workshops, capabilities assessments, and certification offers, you and your organization can now choose the level of hands-on, customized assistance you'll need to meet your goals. I've asked TSIA's SVP Strategic Services and GM Major Accounts, Tom Pridham, to explain exactly how TSIA Strategic Services can help your organization get the insights you need to drive the results you want in a fraction of the time.

Q: What are TSIA Strategic Services and how do they benefit technology and services companies?

Tom: TSIA’s Strategic Services are designed to provide the most efficient way to double-click into TSIA research content spanning 11 research practices. TSIA’s goal is to help member companies put our research into context for solving a specific business challenge you’re having. Depending on your unique objectives, we will recommend any of several approaches to help you align and inform your leadership and team, identify gaps, develop a plan of action, execute on that plan, track your progress, and then identify how to assess improvement KPIs over the course of days, weeks, and months.

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TSIA Strategic Services can help you align your team and develop a plan of action for transformational change.

Strategic Services are delivered through any one or a combination of the following engagement methods:

Speaking Engagements

If you’re looking to inform or align your leadership around a topic, TSIA industry experts can be scheduled for 1-2 hour speaking engagements to provide contextual insight on the latest industry trends, challenges, and what the future holds from a list of available topics applicable to your operation, followed by a Q&A session.

Speaking engagements are a great way to understand what's going on with the rest of the industry, identify what's working and not working, and discuss the challenges you're experiencing on your journey to organizational transformation. This option is perfect for both small groups as well as larger gatherings, such as an executive offsite, a partner summit or a global sales kickoff meeting.


For companies looking to dig deeper into the strategy and actual list of activities required to achieve their objective, TSIA workshops are designed to help you work through that process with the guidance of TSIA experts. Taking place over the course of half a day to two days, workshops leverage TSIA thought leadership, benchmark data, and industry best practices, putting them into the context of your desired goal of creating a plan of action to launch your transformational journey.

Capabilities Assessments

If you’d like TSIA’s perspective on how well your organization is doing in your ability to satisfy your customers given your current people, processes, and technology, TSIA’s capabilities assessments are a way to compare current state with known industry best practices. Most of TSIA capabilities assessments are the product of over a decade or more of deep benchmark analysis from the world's greatest technology companies, providing you with industry-validated recommendations that are proven to drive the business results you’re looking for.

Depending on the current state of your capabilities and where you want to be in relation to industry best practices, TSIA has frameworks and sets of best practices to identify gaps, conduct analysis, and provide recommendations. When you know what great looks like, it’s much easier to accelerate the transformation time while mitigating the risks.

Strategic Certifications

If your company is already in a state of proficiency and you’d like to be formally recognized by your customers and peers for excellence, TSIA offers strategic certifications. Companies seek out certification with TSIA for a variety of reasons including:

  • A need to shore up operational capabilities requiring improvement

  • To learn the steps necessary to pivot toward a specific transformation goal

  • To quantify year-over-year change in their operational capabilities, including customer feedback

  • To prove their dedication to an excellent customer experience 

TSIA and J.D. Power provide industry endorsement for areas of excellence that can be a differentiator and are used to promote why a prospect or customer will want to do business with your company. Certification requires undergoing a very detailed audit and customer satisfaction survey process to validate that you have the right people, processes, and technology needed to deliver world-class support to your customers.

Any combination of these activities can be bundled together in what we call an Advisory Sprint, which acts as a series of checkpoints to track the progress that your organization is making against a specific goal. Generally, Advisory Sprints can take place over the course of weeks or months, with each engagement digging deeper into a specific topic and uncovering steps you can take.

Q: How are TSIA Strategic Services and advisory solutions different from consulting?

Tom: TSIA’s platform is unique in that our community consists of hundreds of tech companies from all around the world who regularly provide us with valuable industry data. We aggregate that data and use it to identify trends, establish best practices, and provide real, board-ready recommendations that aren’t available anywhere else. We focus on getting your team aligned on the problems needing to be addressed, prioritize those problems, and identify potential root causes while sharing similar experiences from other industry players.

While traditional consulting can offer high-level recommendations and take on some action items, TSIA gives you the deeper data and proven frameworks that you will need to establish confidence in your decisions and transformation process to ensure your desired outcome of sustained future growth. Put simply, our focus is to teach you how to fish, not to do the fishing, cleaning, and cooking. We give you the tools and the equipment to catch your own fish, and we believe that’s the best approach for setting you up for sustainable, ongoing success.

TSIA helps by teaching you how to fish and provides you with the tools and equipment you need so you can do the fishing, cleaning, and meal preparation successfully on your own.

Q: Who is eligible to take advantage of TSIA Strategic Services and advisory programs and who should participate?

Tom: All members wanting help in putting TSIA’s extensive vault of data and research into context and actionable plans for their business, are eligible to access our advisory service offerings. Of our three membership packages (Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus), Premium Plus is currently the only one that includes Strategic Services vouchers as part of a bundle. These vouchers entitle you to a speaking engagement or 1-day workshop against a list of broad industry topics or those related to the specific research practice(s) you’re currently subscribed to, such as Customer Success, Professional Services, Managed Services, etc.

For Standard and Premium members, or if you’re a Premium Plus member wishing to add on additional engagements, these engagements can be purchased a la carte. The scope and fees would be defined based on what you’re looking to solve and our recommendations for the best path to achieving the outcomes you’re looking for.

All TSIA members wanting help in putting TSIA’s extensive vault of data and research into context and actionable plans for their business are eligible to access TSIA’s advisory services.

As for who should participate, Strategic Services are often sponsored by C-level executives within an organization, such as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Sales Officer, etc. TSIA recommends that the sponsoring executive participates in the engagement as much as possible, as the best way to get your team aligned is to make sure that all players are involved and know that their leadership is committed to the journey.

Q: What are the top challenges that Strategic Services can help technology businesses solve?

Tom: From Customer Success, to Managed Services, to Professional Services and more, each of TSIA’s research practices have their own list of top business challenges, 10-12 which continue to rise to the top based on feedback from our membership community. These are topics that technology leaders are continually asking questions about, many of which can best be addressed through a deeper level advisory services engagement.

We also offer advisory on industry-wide trending topics that revolve around modifying your business model to support new offerings in an as-a-service world, or expanding your offers from on-premise to subscriptions, just to name a couple. For example, one hot topic is around the XaaS business model, where “X” is simply a placeholder for anything delivered “as-a-service” on a subscription basis, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), device-as-a-service (DaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), technology-as-a-service (TaaS), etc.

For companies looking to pivot to a XaaS model, there are a number of significant business implications that need to be taken into consideration before that shift can happen successfully, such as current capabilities, org. structure, and the customer engagement model. Here’s a current snapshot of the trending industry-wide topics Strategic Services can help you with, noting that this list will constantly evolve based on the current state of the industry:

  • XaaS Business Model Transformation
  • Sales Force Transformation in an XaaS World
  • Product Management for XaaS
  • Rethinking the Channel for XaaS
  • Executing the LAER Strategy/Becoming LAER Efficient
  • The Fully-Formed Customer Success Organization
  • Mastering Managed Services
  • Optimizing Recurring Revenue Through Effective Renewals Management
  • Getting the Offers Right
  • The Role of Technical Services in XaaS
  • Structuring Professional Services for XaaS
  • The New World of Knowledge in LAER

Q: After a Strategic Services engagement, what are some next steps organizations can take to make the most of their experience?

Tom: There are a couple paths you can take after participating in a TSIA Strategic Services engagement. The first path might be to utilize TSIA experts as part of an ongoing checkpoint to monitor your team's progress on the agreed to activities resulting from the initial speaking engagement or workshop. This way, we can see how well you’re maintaining the changes you’ve made and validate the progress you’ve made to make sure you’re on the right track to getting the results you expect. This might lead to a follow-up virtual engagement or workshop to get to the next level of effectively continuing to implement the changes you set out to make.

A second path would be to test your company's operational excellence in a particular area of supportfield services, which can be done by leveraging our certification programs. Once you've successfully brought your organization up to a high level of operational excellence, certification is a great way to rigorously test and publicly advertise your accomplishments.

Q: Why should tech companies consider leveraging TSIA Strategic Services and advisory and what outcomes can they expect?

Tom: While TSIA membership alone can help your organization overcome key challenges and address key business objectives, our advisory engagements provide a higher level of assistance designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes faster.

We provide our members with the outside-in perspective that most companies struggle to achieve on their own. Members can also leverage this insight to validate what they think they’re already excelling at or get a final check on a process or strategy before they implement it to get input on things they might not have considered, or identify areas where they’re off target and may need to reprioritize as soon as possible.

Because TSIA has hundreds of companies participating in our platform and contributing to our data sets, we have the best global insights into what works and what doesn’t for business success. Companies come to us so they can lay the best foundation for driving the performance they want, understand what “good” looks like, and also avoid making the mistakes others have already experienced.

By leveraging Strategic Services, our membership continues to accelerate their targeted initiatives and align their leadership on important next steps for their business. TSIA has helped these member companies by identifying operational gaps in their day-to-day performance and providing insight on how to close those gaps in order to improve their top line revenue and bottom-line profitability metrics of performance.

Q: How does a company get started with a Strategic Services engagement with TSIA?

Tom: If you're a TSIA member wanting assistance with core strategic or operationally-oriented initiatives, you can ask your member success manager to schedule an advisory engagement, contact our Strategic Services team directly via email, or contact TSIA by phone at (858) 674-5491. From there, we will scope the issues you’re having and determine which engagement or combination thereof will be the best fit.

We're eager to help you solve your business challenges even faster with TSIA Strategic Services and look forward to hearing from you.

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