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Vele Galovski

VP, Support and Field Services Research

Vele Galovski is the vice president of support and field services research for TSIA. In this role, he works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them optimize customer support and field service delivery and engineer profitable customer outcomes.

Top Support and Field Services Advisory Engagements

  • TSIA Point of View
  • Engineering Customer Outcomes
  • How to Achieve Your Strategic Plan
  • Creating Differentiated Field Service Offers
  • Field Services Premium Benchmarking
  • Support Services Premium Benchmarking
  • Service Delivery Channel Optimization
  • Field Services LAER Readiness Assessment
January 24

The State of Field Services 2023

Get the latest TSIA research on field services trends, revenue growth opportunities, and profitable cost-cutting methods.


What Your Digital Transformation Strategy Could be Missing

Optimize your company’s digital transformation by including product telemetry in your strategy.

Research Report

Digital Acceleration

This paper on digital acceleration addresses the two waves of digital transformation and examines the DCX transformation process.


Better Workforce Management to Optimize Cost and Customer Experience for Support

Learn methodologies for resourcing support centers to ensure you have the right amount of support engineers, with the right skills, at the right time.


The State of Field Services 2022

Learn which field service trends and capabilities your organization needs to embrace to succeed in 2022 and beyond, including digital transformation.

Research Report

The State of Field Services: 2022

An overview of the capabilities in which field services organizations must invest during 2022 and beyond.


The State of Support Services 2022

If your company provides remote services to customers to help them stand up and maintain access to your technology, this webinar is for you.

Research Report

The State of Support Services: 2022

This report discusses key marketplace trends and critical capabilities that support services organizations must acquire to ensure success in 2022.


Using the LAER Framework for Field Services Workforce Management

Learn how to use TSIA’s LAER model to help your Field Services organization optimize capacity planning and workforce management to meet changing SLAs.


Panel | Collaborative Swarming, An Industry Perspective

For as long as anyone can remember, organizing customer support around “tiered” models has been the default organizational construct in the . . .


Designing Your Support Organization for XaaS Transformation

This TSIA webinar is designed for organizations to better stand up customers and allow for improved access to your company's technology.

Research Report

Hard Denial

The journey that technology companies with on-premise, disconnected offers need to make to become more competitive in today’s marketplace.