Steve Frost

Steve Frost

VP Research,
Expand Selling


Steve Frost is the vice president of expand selling research for TSIA. In this role, Steve helps member companies understand and implement new sales approaches that are both helpful and contextual to their customers, as well as utilize services touchpoints to drive new leads, increase revenue, and provide better customer outcomes.

Throughout his career, Steve has held various leadership and business development roles for both large organizations and startups, and has been directly responsible for more than $750 million in revenue. Prior to TSIA, Steve has been involved in many different facets of the technology industry. Steve began his career at Netscape in the mid-90’s before moving on to lead the North American inside sales team at managed services pioneer Loudcloud. He was one of the first 700 employees at Google, where he was directly responsible for developing the first-ever strategic partnerships between Google and major telecommunications companies including Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. More recently, he helped startup companies define their go-to-market strategy and business development tactics.

As a firm believer in a customer-first business approach, Steve is dedicated to helping members of TSIA’s Expand Selling discipline unlock new revenue opportunities via cross-sell and upsell by ensuring that their customers will receive the most value from their purchases. He truly believes that selling can be helpful to the customer when done in a way that focuses on the customer outcome, and in the context of helping them to solve a problem.



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