Julia Stegman

Julia Stegman

VP Research,
Service Revenue Generation


Julia Stegman is the vice president of service revenue generation research for TSIA. In this role, she helps members uncover new opportunities to grow their recurring revenue and gain clear line of sight into what is contributing to growth or erosion in their current renewal model.

With over 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry, Julia has held various executive roles where she was responsible for growing services revenue by enhancing service offers, improving customer engagement and renewal engagement models, and seeking new ways to drive maximum growth. Prior to TSIA, Julia was a steward of recurring revenues for both Hewlett Packard and Sage Software, where she pursued innovative ways to grow revenue and deliver more value to customers.

At TSIA, Julia works closely with members to identify levers they can pull for more recurring revenue growth and provides best practice insight to accelerate to growth. She also helps businesses modernize their service offers and make them more compelling to customers through the effective development and use of adoption services.

Julia has an MBA from Chapman University and shares her knowledge and experiences in various public speaking engagements worldwide.

Julia is a regular contributor to the Inside Technology Services blog on the topics of Service Revenue Generation, Connecting Service Offers to Business Value, and Renewal. Request a speaking engagement with Julia for her perspective and thought leadership on current trends affecting the technology and services industry.

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