John Ragsdale

Distinguished VP, Technology Research

John Ragsdale is the distinguished vice president of technology research for TSIA. His area of expertise is in assisting enterprise technology firms with the selection and value realization of service tools and platforms, with a constant focus on the customer experience. John drives TSIA's highly regarded technology research agenda, delivering insightful, thought-leadership research and analysis on the most pressing business issues facing services leaders to enable them to better plan and execute their service strategies. John earned the title of TSIA Distinguished Researcher when he reached over ten years in a research role at TSIA, having authored over 250 research articles, answered 3,000+ member inquiries, and developed frameworks and survey methodologies that helped members address complex business challenges. John also continues to take a lead role as a mentor, helping other members of the TSIA Research team master their skills.

John Ragsdale

John Ragsdale Talks About Technology and Social Research

Strategic Services Journey Map

Top Technology and Social Research Strategic Services Engagements

  • Optimizing Knowledge Management
  • Technology Self-Service Assessment
  • Social Support: Online Communities & Social Media
  • Customer Engagement Strategies: Multichannel and Self-Service Support
  • The Mobile Enterprise
  • Automating Professional Services: PSA 2.0
  • Service Technology Adoption and Spending Trends
  • Creating the Ultimate Customer Portal

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