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John Ragsdale

Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems

John Ragsdale is a distinguished researcher and the vice president of technology ecosystems for TSIA. His area of expertise is in assisting enterprise technology firms with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, with a constant focus on the customer experience. John works closely with TSIA’s partner ecosystem, identifying leading and emerging technology vendors whose products help solve the key business challenges faced by TSIA members. John earned the title of TSIA Distinguished Researcher when he reached over ten years in a research role at TSIA, having authored over 250 research articles, answered 3,000+ member inquiries, and developed frameworks and survey methodologies that helped members address complex business challenges.


Research and Webinars

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November 30

technology summit q4 2022

Learn how partners can more easily sell services, paving the road for more effective collaboration between them and your PSA system.

October 26

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Learn how to unlock expansion opportunities within your customer base and discover key strategies for integrated account planning.


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Discover how community impacts the customer journey, from converting prospects to customers to moving customers from members to brand promoters.

Research Report

The Current and Future State of Voice and Sentiment Analysis

How voice and sentiment analysis technology has the potential to become a critical driver of customer health scores and revenue expansion.


New Insights in Workforce Management for Field Service

Enhancing and streamlining workforce management, empowering teams, and impacting account satisfaction through the use of new technology and processes.

Research Report

Leveraging the Power of the Gig Economy

This report looks at how companies can leverage the gig economy to become a core part of their staffing strategy.


A Masterclass in Building and Supporting Truly Optimized Project Teams

Actionable steps to ensure your project teams are armed with the clarity, control, and confidence they need to deliver transformational outcomes.


Unlocking Premium Support Success with the Right Process and Technology

Premium Support can transform support organizations from a cost center to a profit center and take the entire customer experience to the next level.


The Rise of Africa as the Next IT Outsourcing Hub

Is Africa the next global ITO hub? Learn about company successes and investments in its growing talent pools and IT infrastructure.


Three Marketing Strategies to Accelerate XaaS Success

How the top technology marketing leaders are building XaaS growth. We cover research, benchmarks, and three key priorities.


Building the Infrastructure to Enable a Knowledge Sharing Culture

Take a closer look at the most critical components to successful knowledge management including people, process, technology, and collaboration.