George Humphrey

George Humphrey

VP Research,
Managed Services


George Humphrey is the vice president of managed services research for TSIA. He has over 25 years of experience in the networking and communications industry, specializing in managed infrastructure and applications services. In his role at TSIA, George provides members with fact-based education and insight into the performance and operations of managed services providers of all sizes.

Throughout his career, George has held leadership roles in managed services product management, client management, tools and architecture development, delivery operations, process definition, and global strategy. Prior to TSIA, George worked for Avaya, where he was recognized as one of their most successful product managers as well as one of their top four thought leaders for the communications and networking industry. In this position, he led the strategy and development of Avaya's managed services business, which was their fastest-growing line of business four years in a row.

George frequently shares his insight and first-hand experiences through various publications, such as white papers, research reports, blogs, as well as an ebook, on topics designed to help managed services providers understand their strengths, weaknesses, and core areas of opportunity. He regularly participates in public speaking engagements worldwide. Leveraging the latest industry research, best practices, and his own expertise, George aims to provide a fundamental understanding of what it means to be a successful managed services organization.

George is a regular contributor to the Inside Technology Services blog on on the topics of Managed Services, Successful Managed Services Providers, Managed Services Mistakes, Organizational Structure.


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