Top Professional Services Business Challenges

Below is a list of service capabilities and service business challenges specific to professional services. These service capabilities have been defined by TSIA as necessary actions that must be performed to achieve desired results—the ability to run a cost, profit, and revenue-optimized services business. In addition, TSIA has identified hundreds of service business challenges that service organizations commonly face. Linked directly to the service capabilities, these service business challenges are defined both globally as well as at the focus area service discipline level.

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Aligning the PS Charter and the PS Business Model

Are there different financial models for embedded PS, based on the charter and expectations given to the PS organization?

Building a World Class Services Engineering Capability

What does "Good" look like for a PS engineering function?
What are the common practices and most commonly achieved results?

Business Case for a PMO

How can I define the business case to create a PMO (Project Management Office) inside of my PS organization?
What are the clear benefits and advantages to having a PMO?

Calculating Utilization

What is a recommended methodology for calculating both billable and product utilization for PS delivery staff?

Developing New PS Offerings to Exploit the Cloud

What types of offerings are embedded PS organizations creating around cloud based technology offerings?

Growing PS Revenues

What strategies and tactics can help PS businesses grow their top line revenue?

Market Rates for PS

What are companies charging for PS consultants and engineers?

Metrics that Matter for PS

What key metrics should PS organizations use to measure the performance of their businesses and/or include on dashboards?

Optimizing PS Compensation Structures to Drive Business Results

How do tech companies structure compensation for their embedded PS staff?

PS Organizational Structure

How do product companies structure their Professional Services organization?
What functions need to be resourced in a mature PS business?
Do delivery resources report into Country managers or into a global PS executive?
Do PS sales experts report into the sales organization or the PS organization?

PS Sales Coverage Models

How can we optimize sales coverage models to drive PS growth?

Partner Management for PS

What are the best practices around managing PS delivery partners?

Project Management Consistency

How do we manage our projects in a consistent way in order to avoid inconsistency in project performance?

Resource Management

What are the latest best practices and performance metrics related to resource management in a PS organization?

Skills and Professional Development for PS Staff

What are the types of programs companies put in place to develop skills in their PS staff?