TSIA World INTERACT • Orlando World Center Marriott • May 8-10, 2023

The Path to Profitable XaaS

The industry’s premier event for technology professionals driving organizational change.

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"I work for one of the largest tech companies in the world, but I always learn something new from my peers when I attend a TSIA conference. It’s where some of the best and brightest of the industry come together to really learn from each other."

Mike Flannagan, VP, Customer Experience & Success

Network and connect with thousands of tech leaders and professionals
Visionary thought leadership keynote addresses
100+ deep dive breakouts to get you on the Path to Profitable XaaS
Discover products and solutions in the InteractZone

TSIA World INTERACT is the Path to Profitable XaaS

The most interactive TSIA event format ever!

TSIA World INTERACT offers an immersive experience for technology professionals driving organizational change! With an agenda offering a plethora of networking events and transformational educational content, the conference brings together a remarkable community of global senior tech industry executives and top talent across product, revenue, and services.

TSIA World INTERACT is a CAN’T MISS event for tech business leaders looking to find revenue, cut costs, and drive profits!

Unlock Your Company's Revenue Potential with TSIA World INTERACT.
Get Insights from our CEO & President, J.B. Wood



JB Wood speaking in a keynote

J.B. Wood, President & CEO, TSIA

Closing Keynote

The Opportunities and Threats of AI on How Companies Sell and Serve B2B Customers in 2023

ChatGPT has made AI the hottest topic in business today. It has also had the effect of placing AI in the hands of anyone who wants to try it. Thousands of sales, service, marketing, training professionals – practically everyone at your company – is playing around with and thinking about how AI can be used in their jobs and at their company. And the timing of this technology, at a time when everyone is developing plans to do more with less, is going to encourage people to try to act quickly.

This session examines:

  • The potentially constructive and dangerous uses of AI across the B2B customer lifecycle.
  • How AI should (and should not) be adopted in the short term in specific areas of sales and service.
  • What it might mean to our customer’s ever-growing base of knowledge and subsequent demands of our organizations.

Connection and Collaboration

What makes Interact, INTERACTIVE…

We’ve designed a host of experiences to facilitate networking, peer to peer problems solving and network building.

This is a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with tech professionals from around the world driving organizational change.


Get Ready to Meet With Your Peers in These Forums:

Break the Ice Session

Facilitated Networking Table Talks

Meetups by Research Practice

Yoga Class

Birds of a Feather

Women in Tech Fundraiser

Lunch with a Leader

InteractZone Receptions




There Are Two Critical Tricks to Navigating This Economy

INTERACT helps technology leaders understand…


To reduce only the operating costs that don’t cut into the productivity or efficiency of profitable revenue generation.


To identify where revenue CAN be grown in this economy.

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Who Attends TSIA World INTERACT

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Tech Executives

  • Thought leadership and strategic direction for decision makers

Tech Leaders and Professionals
Focused On:

  • Service and Delivery Success
    Discover how technology service lines like customer success, education services, field services, professional services, managed services, and support services are unlocking new opportunities to retain and grow customers.
  • Revenue Growth
    Find out how to optimize revenues throughout the customer lifecycle with subscription-based (XaaS) business models, and cost-effectively win new customers with sales and channel partners.
  • Product and Offer Portfolio Success
    Learn how to accelerate your “as-a-service” technology business with compelling service offers, designing for adoption, monetization strategies, and essential cross-organizational handshakes.

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TSIA: The Creators of LAER and a History of Envisioning the Future

Get a glimpse into the future of the technology industry from data and thought leaders with a history of accurate predictions.

A Timeline of Forward Thinking


From Consumption Economics and Complexity Avalanche

The Consumption Gap: The importance of driving actual adoption of technology capabilities.
Consumption-Based Pricing: The rise of consumption economics and customers only paying for what they use.


Changing Economic Engines

The fact that service revenues and margins would become more important to the financial health of tech companies than product revenues and margins.



Operating Model Migration: Tech companies would be forced to move from Level 1-2 business models to Level 3-4 business models.
Rise of Outcome Engineers: Customers will only want to pay if they achieve their business outcomes.
The Fish: The fact that traditional tech companies that want to pivot to recurring business models face a financial fish.
The Rise of Customer Analytics: The Data Handshake.


XaaS Playbook

Profitable XaaS: That, eventually, investors would start asking for fast-growing XaaS companies to improve their unit economics.
LAER: The need for customer engagement models that are optimized to drive expansion and renewal.

The Rise of Managed Services: That managed services would become a critical revenue stream for technology product companies.


Emerging Economic Engines of Technology Providers


Digital Hesitation

Customer Success Owning Commercials: Customer Success organizations should and will own commercial transactions like renewals and upsells.
Digital Customer Experiences for B2B companies: B2B companies need to invest in low friction digital experiences the same way B2C companies have done.
Outcome Aligned Pricing: Pricing technology solutions need to be based on the business outcomes customers want to achieve.