Elevate your Influence and Take the Stage at TSIA World!

Gain professional recognition for your expertise as a thought leader by showcasing your methodologies, business strategies, case studies, and best practices across various functions within technology and services organizations, including:  

·         Data Analytics & AI
·         Corporate Culture and Change Management
·         Creating Effective Product and Service Offers
·         Delivering Value Across the Customer Lifecycle
·         Digitizing Service and Delivery Business Models
·         Optimizing Revenue Operations

Submissions for TSIA World are reviewed from December to January and June to July for our bi-annual conferences held in May and October. Applicants will receive a notification after the review period regarding the status of their application.
Are you interested in a speaking opportunity, or perhaps you are not ready to take the stage but know someone who is? Please complete the form to nominate a speaker or apply to speak!

Speaker Qualifications and Conditions

Before you apply for one of our speaking opportunities, be sure to read the speaker qualifications and conditions outlined below.

Speaker Qualifications

  • Speaker must be a practitioner with first-hand experience in the subject matter. (Speaking opportunities are available for TSIA Industry Solution Partners in selected Conference sponsorship packages.)
  • Speaker must be available to present in person. One complimentary registration is awarded per speaking session. Co-presenters must purchase an additional registration.
  • Speaker must be able to share the ROI or benefits that resulted from the recommendation, solution, or process.
  • Speaker must be passionate about sharing knowledge with others, creative, dynamic, and experienced with audience engagement tactics.

Content Criteria

TSIA World Conference content is carefully curated to inspire attendees to transform their businesses and advance their professions. Here is what we are looking for in TSIA World Conference content and speakers:

  • Content is current, innovative, and original to TSIA World conferences.  The content is not repurposed from past TSIA and non-TSIA events.
  • Content is approved by the speaker’s employer for presentation to an external audience.
  • Content can be delivered in either a 10-, 20-, or 30-minute session.
  • Content aligns with the various functions within technology and services organizations, including.
    • Data Analytics & AI
    • Corporate Culture and Change Management
    • Creating Effective Product and Service Offers
    • Delivering Value Across the Customer Lifecycle
    • Digitizing Service and Delivery Business Models
    • Optimizing Revenue Operations
  • The speaker represents that copies of materials provided to attendees at the Conference will be made only from legal copies and that speaker either (a) owns the copyright, (b) has written permission from the copyright owner(s) for this use, or (c) reasonably believes this use of each copyrighted work to be fair use or in the public domain. Copyright notices and attributions for each copyrighted work will be included on all such materials.
  • A complete submission should include the following:
    • Session Title 
    • An abstract of 2-3 sentences describing the session
    • Who should attend
    • Three key actionable takeaways


  • By agreeing to speak at a TSIA World Conference, speakers are expected to complete all the assigned tasks and meet the deadlines to submit their session and speaker deliverables via the Speaker Resource Center. These include, but are not limited to submitting a speaker bio, a session abstract, presentation slides, and any other materials required by the conference organizers. The speakers are also responsible for registering for the conference, booking travel and accommodation, and participating in our Speaker Office Hour. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the cancellation of the speaking engagement.
  • Circumstances beyond TSIA's control may necessitate changes to the Conference agenda. In such situations, TSIA reserves the right to cancel or replace speakers and modify topics. In cases where TSIA exercises its right to modify the agenda, speakers affected by the change will be notified in writing. Any substitutions or modifications will be updated on the TSIA World website as soon as possible.
  • Speakers may withdraw from participation as a presenter by giving 45 days’ written notice to TSIA before the Conference.
  • TSIA holds live events at various venues around the world. TSIA and its professional service providers reserve the right to pre-record speaker presentations, record or live stream video, photos, and audio, to record events, post such media to its social channels, website, or mobile app, display feeds on monitors at the conference venues, and create future marketing materials. TSIA, at its discretion, may grant the use of captured videos, recordings, and photographs to exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers with prior approval and appropriate attributions to the TSIA World Conference.
  • TSIA World session proceedings are available in various formats post-event. Accordingly, to protect speaker privacy and intellectual property, the recording of conference sessions (including audio, video, and photographs) by attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, news organizations, and other businesses is prohibited without prior written consent from the event organizers. Requests for such consent can be directed to events@tsia.com.
  • By presenting or attending a TSIA conference or Event, speaker acknowledges and agrees that TSIA reserves the right to use any recorded media for purposes of display and consumption before, during, and after the Conference for an unspecified time, for education, inquiries, marketing and promotional purposes, and any other lawful purposes in the ordinary course of TSIA's business. TSIA is not responsible or liable in any way for the activities of attendees involving recording or streaming video, pictures, or audio at Conference venues.
  • By attending a TSIA event, you acknowledge that your image may captured by our staff photographers and videographers to be used in future marketing or promotional collateral.

TSIA World ENVISION | Transforming the B2B
Customer Lifecycle

Breakthroughs in data, computing, and AI have everyone thinking outside the box about the future. The B2B customer lifecycle—nearly fifty years in the making—is now a prime target for radical transformation. Learn how to challenge conventional thinking, redefine your business model goals, and reimagine your operations with data, digital, and AI-driven solutions. Explore advanced concepts and visions from industry leaders, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and leave equipped to drive radical, transformative change within your tech and services business.

Improving the Value Proposition of Lifecycle Services

The Future Value of Services track is designed for technology and services organizations seeking sustained profitability and competitive advantage. Learn how to harness the power of data analytics and AI to gain deep market insights, informing the creation of compelling, value-driven offers. Transition away from cost-plus pricing models towards outcome-oriented subscription-based offerings that seamlessly blend technology and services. This track empowers you to optimize recurring revenue, differentiate your business, and secure long-term success in the technology and services market. Learn how to craft solutions aligned with evolving customer needs, ensuring your offerings command premium value and drive market leadership.

Optimizing Data-Driven Revenue Generation

The "Optimizing Data-Driven Revenue Generation" track is a must-attend for tech services executives. Learn how to leverage data to dissect customer segments, deliver precisely targeted solutions, and utilize predictive modeling to drive sustainable revenue growth. Discover the power of AI-enhanced sales and customer success strategies to boost conversion rates and subscription renewals. This track will empower you to harness data insights, optimize customer experiences, and propel your revenue generation within the tech services industry. Master the art of turning data into profit – this track unlocks the key to your company's growth!

Digitizing Service and Delivery Operations

The conference track "Digitizing Service and Delivery Operations" explores the integration of digital technologies to streamline service delivery processes across various industries. Discussions within this track will delve into topics such as automation, IoT, and AI to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve service quality. Moreover, the track will address the role of knowledge management systems in capturing, organizing, and sharing critical information to support decision-making and innovation within service and delivery operations.


For questions regarding the speaker application process, status, or all other inquiries, please contact speakers@tsia.com.