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Using an Enterprise Software Maturity Model to Increase Adoption and Improve Customer Success

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Education and training can be a major contributor to user adoption, customer success, and company growth. The hard part is building an education services (ES) organization that can achieve these three important results. Understanding the maturity level of the ES organization helps in determining when the organization is capable of supporting adoption, growth, and customer success. This session will discuss four stages of maturity and what is practical to expect at each step. Participants will receive a copy of the maturity model and an assessment to determine their own education services maturity level and the actions to take to get to the next level. This model is most applicable to education organizations that are five years old, or younger.

Additionally, this session will take a look at ES manager maturity, meaning that in this new era of cloud and subscription business models, it is not uncommon for a very seasoned ES professional, who has been working at a company with a traditional business model, to end up in a company with a cloud/subscription model. What practical steps can a seasoned ES professional take to navigate newer, corporate business models and set-up a successful education organization within these parameters? 

This interactive, workout session will be led by Bill Cushard, head of training at ServiceRocket, and Danielle Tomlinson, senior director, global education, at HortonWorks. So whether you’re a younger ES organization working its way towards maturity or a seasoned ES professional moving into, or considering a move into, a company with a non-traditional business model, come prepared to share and discuss your education services experiences.


Presented By:

Danielle Tomlinson

Senior Director, Global Education, Hortonworks

Bill Cushard

Head of Training, ServiceRocket

Maria Manning-Chapman

Vice President, Research and Advisory, Education Services, TSIA

Publish Date: May 5, 2015

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