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Conference Presentation

The Five Myths of Customer Service Satisfaction: Setting Your Sights on the Right Targets

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Serving customers is at the heart of doing business, and doing it well is key to loyalty and growth. How do you give customers the great experience that will have them putting your products ahead of your competitors?

The speaker will review the Conventional Wisdom of measuring customer experience and the issues that arise from following that wisdom too closely. In a series of examples, you see how Customer Satisfaction did not cause customer loyalty, First Call Resolution resulted in customer frustration, and efforts to reduce dis-satisfaction undermined overall satisfaction instead. The examples are drawn from SYKES proprietary methodology, Insight Analytics, which gives companies a complete view of the customer experience and the specific acts that create the pivotal "aha" moment that lead to change and improvement. Achieving higher CSAT, lower handle times, reduced call volumes, fewer NFF returns, process efficiency, customer interaction consistency, and higher revenue all come from knowing more about what is affecting your customers, and how.

Discover how SYKES clients now have insights into their business that have identified the what, how, where and when that improves operations dramatically. Producing great products isn't the only discipline that market-leading technology companies must excel at; looking after users is vital, too.

Presented By:

Michael Clarkin

Vice President, Contact Center Services Marketing, Sykes Enterprises

Publish Date: May 3, 2011

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Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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