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Panel | AI on AI: How Leading Data Companies Leverage Predictive Signals to Transform Customer Support

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Many assume that AI is one of those “catch all” technologies, and anyone building an AI-powered technology must be experts in all things AI. The reality is much more complex and the truth is, AI has become so ever present that even “AI companies” are using packaged AI tools to address important use cases and pain points in their business - and customer support is no exception. In this panel discussion, Francoise Tourniaire, Owner and Principal of FT Works, will sit down with other AI and data companies to talk about how they are using third party AI tools to optimize their own support organizations. Discussion topics will include: • Why the “build vs. buy” dilemma applies even to AI firms. • The key benefits of AI built specifically for support teams. • How “purpose built” AI for support experience drives faster time to value. • What emerging AI ecosystems might look like. • Why you should have a “multi-AI” strategy.

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Publish Date: October 29, 2021

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