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Networking Luncheon and Closing Keynote: The Future of the Automotive Industry and Its Uncanny Parallel to the Future of the Tech Industry

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In the future will you own your car or share one as a service? Will you drive a car or will others drive it for you? Will there even be a driver, or will software and sensors make that role obsolete? Will enterprise tech customers own a datacenter or share one as a service? Will enterprise IT operate it or have MSPs operate it for them? Will there even be an IT department or will software and sensors make that role obsolete?

In one corner you have the incumbents (Ford, GM, Mercedes, etc.). In the other corner, you have the disruptors (ZipCar, Uber, Google, etc.). The incumbents have made money for decades by selling cars as an asset, and then charging premium prices for maintenance services. In their model, they assume the consumer does all the driving. The disruptors come in three forms: Car-sharing companies (ZipCar) want to make cars available as a service, but they still expect you to do the driving; ride-sharing companies (Uber/Lyft) want to eliminate the responsibility of both owning and driving the vehicle; Google and other driverless technology companies, however, want to eliminate the driver altogether in both models. Hear how automotive industry expert and futurist, John Ellis, believes the future of the automotive industry will unfold.

How are some of the leading automotive incumbents reacting to all this disruption? Will they transform themselves fast enough or will they lose their future revenues to the upstart disruptors? What are their strategies and tactics? Will their shareholders give these companies the breathing room to transform? Will they ever be as big in the future as they are right now? Then, a wide-ranging interview hosted by TSIA executive director Thomas Lah, automotive industry expert and futurist, John Ellis, and TSIA CEO J.B. Wood will parallel the future of the automotive industry to the future of enterprise IT.

Will the incumbents (IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Dell/EMC, SAP) make the right decisions to survive and prosper, or will the disruptors (AWS, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.) eat their revenues?

What can these companies learn from the automotive incumbents? What can the born-in-the-cloud SaaS companies learn from Uber, ZipCar, etc.? What are the chances that tech companies will end up becoming car companies too?

Presented By:

Thomas Lah

Executive Director, TSIA

JB Wood

President & CEO, TSIA

John Ellis

Auto Industry Futurist, Ellis & Associates

Publish Date: December 7, 2016

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Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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