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How to Nurture a Customer Experience Culture

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The customer experience should be at the center of the strategy for every business that is striving for growth and seeking sustainable success. However, many businesses lack understanding on what a true “CX strategy” entails and how to nurture one. Sage's vision is to be the most valuable supporter of small and medium-size businesses, providing them the freedom to succeed.
This session will cover Sage's approach to the challenge of matching all of the customer life cycle touch points across the customer experience ecosystem with the brand promises any company makes. Understanding that a great customer experience is the result of customer expectations – customer perceptions x emotions, Sage leveraged its brand value drivers of "Peace of Mind," "More Control," "Smart and Efficient," "Be There," and "Enjoyable" to craft and model the right customer experience road map for the company. Using a strong brand definition as the measure of CX success, Sage is working to focus its culture, its products and services, and its business practices to be tuned toward customer success.


Presented By:

Brad Smith

EVP Customer Experience and Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Sage Software NA

Publish Date: May 5, 2014

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