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Enterprise Customer Success Best Practices

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The Subscription Economy is here and it's rolling over Enterprise tech like a tidal wave. From On-Prem to Cloud Tech, Customer Success is no-longer "nice-to-have," it's vital to your company's viability. In this session, Gainsight's CEO Nick Mehta will dive deep into the new need for cutting-edge Customer Success tools as well as best practices for On-Premise tech in the Customer Era. He has extensive knowledge of the unique challenges the modern economy poses in the On-Prem world. You’ll learn how to judiciously segment your client base, how to measure Customer Health proactively, how to prove the ROI of your CSM team at the executive table, and much more.

Presented By:

Nick Mehta

CEO, Gainsight

Dan Steinman

CCO, Gainsight

Sanjiv Patel

Director, Global Customer Success Analytics, Cisco Systems

Publish Date: May 4, 2016

TSIA is well worth the investment. This is the one place where you can come and get a fusion of ideas that you can then marry up to the goals and objectives of your organization and boil that down into several actionable plans that you can implement over the next 6 months to a year.

Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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