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Embracing a Knowledge Ecosystem

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The Autodesk Knowledge Network is a strategy with a set of programs and technologies that enable and accelerate the contribution of a broad range of subject-matter experts in an overall ecosystem of knowledge. It has a specific business goal: helping customers be more productive with software offerings that can be complex and require deep professional expertise.
In contrast to thinking of knowledge management as a single technology, the core of the Autodesk Knowledge Network is a set of cloud-based web services that aggregate content from a variety of sources, using text analytics, taxonomy data, and rules engines to categorize the content and enrich the tagging. In addition to traditional sources of knowledge, like a robust KCS program and a structured CMS, the Autodesk Knowledge Network is able to automatically leverage knowledge contributions via forums, blogs, YouTube, and other sources. This empowers a broad virtual ecosystem of employees, partners, and customers to contribute. A flexible set of web services allows the same knowledge assets to be presented to customers, allowing this investment to be leveraged across in-product, web-based, and mobile access points. Community engagement with the content allows the "crowdsourcing" of curation to bring the most helpful and relevant content to the top and provide feedback to authors on content effectiveness and quality.
Learn how Autodesk is enabling customer productivity and success in this informative session.


Presented By:

Eric Stover

Product Management, Autodesk Knowledge Network, Autodesk

Tom Williams

Director, Autodesk Knowledge Network, Autodesk

Publish Date: May 5, 2014

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