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Improving job performance is the purpose of education services organizations, yet most education organizations can tell you very little about learners’ abilities at the completion of a learning event.
Application of what’s been learned in a classroom, a virtual instructor-led delivery, or an online learning module is the responsibility of the learner, and the business stakeholder is paying the bill. Wouldn't it be great to reinforce learning and enable performance on-the-job, when a new skill or capability needs to be applied, or to deploy learning updates immediately, when processes and transactions change? Electronic performance support (EPS) provides the means to do this.
The beauty of EPS is that for your customers, it provides needed information “at the moment of apply,” and for education services organizations, it provides a new revenue stream, in one of three ways: (1) selling an EPS platform to ES customers so that customers can provide a performance support mechanism to their users, (2) creating and maintaining content for an ES customer’s performance support system, or (3) some combination of one and two. Electronic Performance Support provides the ultimate win-win; improving customer performance while generating education revenue.


Presented By:

Malcolm Poulin

Senior Director, Product Strategy, ANCILE Solutions

Maria Manning Chapman

Senior Research Director, Education Services, TSIA

Publish Date: May 5, 2014

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