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Create Customers for Life with Customer Life Cycle Management

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The pressure is on for technology companies as investors are expecting high growth year over year. And while a company can achieve some of this growth through customer acquisition, many companies overlook the fact that the secret to high growth is by maximizing customer lifetime value and increasing customer retention.

So how do you grow recurring revenue and keep customers longer? Customer life cycle management is the strategy that will help your customers get more value from your products and solutions resulting in more profitable client relationships. Hear best practices from Cisco and Cisco WebEx on how, with a disciplined approach to customer life cycle management, you can drive greater revenue growth and keep customers for life.

In this session, we will:

  • Walk you through the key stages of the customer life cycle and how to leverage predictive analytics to inform customer engagement.
  • Highlight best practice processes for each stage of the life cycle. 
  • Provide insight into key success metrics for each phase of the customer life cycle.
  • Present a case study showing how to grow customer relationships and drive improved customer satisfaction.
  • Introduce business drivers that will help your company capture more profitable recurring revenue.


Presented By:

Tony Brucha

Director, WebEx Customer Success, Cisco Systems

Eric Jeffries

Vice President of Customer Success, ServiceSource, Inc.

Tom Lay

Director of Service Sales, Cisco Software Annuities, Cisco Systems

Publish Date: October 21, 2014

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