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This live business makeover case study will take an in-depth look at the challenges of introducing new premium cloud subscription offerings.
In the latter half of 2013, we started to transform our legacy on-premise software business and transition it to the cloud. This has been a very complex and challenging undertaking, as we've had to deal with many challenges:
  • How do we programmatically go to market and capitalize on the opportunity to both upgrade our customers and convert them to our new cloud offering?
  • How do we shift the business to the cloud, while trying to maintain traditional margins?
  • What are the deliverables of our cloud subscription offering that are included options vs. premium options, and how do we price them?
  • What are the new roles for the consulting/professional services teams and the support teams?
  • How do we get through the revenue recognition process?
The session will start with a frank and open discussion of the business challenges being faced by the leader of subscription service offer development from a well-known enterprise software company. Next, a panel of industry peers and experts will provide actionable recommendations on how to address the challenges and pitfalls of the transformation. There will also be an opportunity for session participants to ask questions and share their own advice and insights.


Presented By:

Phil Nanus

Sr. Director, Business Development, SaaS, Infor Global Solutions, Inc.

Publish Date: May 5, 2014

TSIA is well worth the investment. This is the one place where you can come and get a fusion of ideas that you can then marry up to the goals and objectives of your organization and boil that down into several actionable plans that you can implement over the next 6 months to a year.

Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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