TSW Conference Speaking Opportunities

Share Your Passion for Technology by Speaking at TSW!

Receive professional recognition for your accomplishments and establish yourself as a tech industry thought leader by sharing your methodologies and business strategies.

We are seeking accomplished technology and services professionals to share their expertise at TSW San Diego 2020, taking place May 4-6!

By becoming a speaker, you will also receive a complimentary registration* to TSW, making it the most economical way to attend the technology industry's premier learning and networking event!

* Complimentary registration is limited to one per session. Co-speakers can use membership vouchers or receive 25% off the conference fee.

How to Become a TSW Speaker

We invite you to submit a proposal and add your voice to the technology and services community.

Read the speaker guidelines and fill out the speaker application before Friday, December 6, 2019 for this opportunity to be heard, be recognized, and share your expertise with your industry peers!

Apply to Speak

Applicants will be notified by mid-January regarding the status of their application.

Speaker Qualifications and Conditions

Before you apply for one of our speaking opportunities, be sure to read the speaker qualifications and conditions outlined below.

Speaker guidelines, session requirements and additional details needed for approved speaker applications can be found in the Speaker Guidelines PDF.

  • Speakers must be an employee of a TSIA member company, or a representative from a current authorized TSIA Consulting Alliance Partner. Members are eligible only for presentations in the research practice area(s) of current membership
  • Only 1 complimentary registration is awarded per speaking session. Co-presenters must purchase an additional registration
  • TSIA Marketing Partners are required to contract for speaking sessions Session topic must relate to at least one of this year's topics

We require presentations to provide a list of actionable takeaways that attendees can take back and improve their organizations. Here is what we are looking for in TSW speakers:

  • Practical advice on how to improve care, lower costs, increase efficiencies, or increase revenue
  • Passionate about sharing knowledge with others
  • First-hand experience with the subject matter
  • Able to share the ROI or benefits that resulted from the new program, technology, solution, or process
  • Creative, dynamic presenters

Recommended Speaking Topics

Need inspiration for a session? You're in the right place.

The TSW San Diego 2020 conference is designed to help technology and services leaders network, share ideas, and learn about the latest trends in the industry. Our agenda will cover these priority topics:

Customer Success

  • Efficiently Using Your Customer Success Resources Throughout the Customer Life Cycle – Plan, Implement, Monitor, and Optimize (PIMO)
  • Value Realization: Customer Success Capabilities That Deliver Against the Promise of Your Technology and Services
  • Fostering the Customer Success and Product Management Relationship
  • Best Practices in Customer Onboarding
  • Leveraging Customer Success to Improve Sales Processes and Accelerate Revenue Growth
  • Automation of Customer Success Processes

Education Services

  • Evolving the Education Services/Channel Partner Relationship to Develop Content and/or Sell Education Offers
  • Building a Successful Training Credit Program
  • Engineering Joint Service Offers; Partnering with Other Organizations to Create Premium Service Offers That Drive Customer Success
  • Usage of Technology Such As Virtual/Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Chat Bots, and Robotic Process Automation to Enhance the Learning Experience and/or Education Services Operations
  • Bundling Education Offers with the Product and How Education Services Monetizes the Offer
  • Optimizing the Customer Success Relationship to Drive Learning Content Consumption

Expand Selling

  • Linking the Letters of LAER: How Better Land and Adopt Leads to Better Expansion and Renewal
  • Making the Renewal an Opportunity for Growth – Not Just Staying the Same
  • Engaging Services and Customer Success in the Sales Process
  • Data-Driven Selling
  • Grow Revenue Faster Than the Cost of Sales
  • Helping Sales Sell Services
  • Driving Upsells with Services and Customer Success
  • Generating Leads Through Services and Customer Success Interactions

Field Services/Industrial Equipment

  • Fighting Offer Commoditization and Protecting Product-Attached Revenue Streams
  • Digital Transformation of Hardware and Equipment Companies
  • Optimizing Service Delivery to Decrease Cost and Improve the Customer Experience
  • Emerging Trends in Spare Parts, Supply Chain, and Logistics
  • Workforce Management Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices
  • Building New Service Offers and Creating New Revenue Streams with IoT-Enabled Services

Managed Services

  • Evolving From Product Provider to Managed Provider
  • Optimizing the Managed Services Organization
  • Evolving Delivery Operations from Reactive to Proactive
  • Innovation in Automation of Managed Delivery
  • Keys to Successfully Selling Managed Services
  • Modernizing Manages Services Offer Development

Professional Services

  • Best Practices in Professional Services Partner Identification and Enablement
  • Accelerating Customer Time to Value Through Professional Services Best Practices
  • Engineering Professional Services Offers to Maximize Customer Value and Outcomes
  • Next-Generation Resource Management and Capacity Planning
  • Optimizing Professional Services for XaaS
  • Optimizing Services and Sales Collaboration to Increase Company Revenue Growth

Service Revenue Generation

  • Automating Renewals for the Long Tail of Small-Dollar Contracts
  • Harmonizing Service Offers Through a Converged Portfolio Team
  • Innovations in Service Offer Packaging: Accelerators and “Credits and Points” Programs
  • Managing Service Offers and Renewal Processes Through Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The Role of the Channel Partner in Renewing Subscription Service Offers

Subscription Sales

  • Developing Vertical Capabilities to Drive Revenue Growth
  • How to Hire, Train, and Develop Sales People to Sell Business Outcomes
  • How Improving the Sales and Services Handshake Grows XaaS Revenues
  • How Changes to Measurement and Compensation Change Sales Behaviors
  • Taking a Traditional Software Company on the Journey to XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service)
  • Best Practices for Resourcing High Value XaaS Pursuits

Support Services

  • Digital Engagement: How to Effectively Engage with Today’s Increasingly Digital Customers
  • Overhauling Hiring Processes to Attract Top Talent, Including Millennials and Gen Z
  • Elements of Effective Employee Retention Programs
  • Re-Engineering and Designing Support Roles for the Future
  • Creating a Support Organizational Structure to Overcome Business, Geography, and Product Lines
  • Support Outsourcing: How to Do It Well, How to Recover From a Bad Experience, and Success Stories
  • Innovative Support Technology: Live Demos and Use Cases for Extreme Automation
  • Support Skills Management and Employee Training
  • How Support Organizations Are Successfully Collaborating With Other Business Lines
  • Organizational Design and Implementation of New Support Models to Move to XaaS Support
  • What Great Employee Loyalty Programs Look Like

XaaS Channel Optimization

  • Best Practices in Successfully Migrating Partners from On-Prem to As-a-Service Models
  • Partner Economic Engines for As-a-Service Offerings
  • Evolving Partner Channel KPIs to drive XaaS Adoption, Expansion, and Renewal
  • Migrating the Tech Vendor’s Salesforce to As-a-Service Compensation Models
  • Effective Partnering Models for Driving As-a-Service Offerings

  • Making XaaS Offerings and Initiatives Channel-Ready

  • Creative Options to Help Channel Partners Invest in New XaaS Capabilities
  • The Evolution of Channel Programs to Serve XaaS

XaaS Product Management

  • Measuring the Customer’s Realized Outcomes
  • Strategies and Tactics to Create a XaaS Culture
  • Customer Transition Programs – Perpetual to Subscription Licenses and Deployments
  • Case Studies: Value-Based or Outcome-Based Pricing
  • Proactive Engineering for Product Adoption
  • Automating the Onboarding Customer Experience
  • Product Management and Customer Success Handshakes

Social & Technology

  • Self-Service Chat Bots: Implementation, Maintenance, and ROI to Expect
  • Best Practices for Interacting with Customers via Digital Channels
  • How Virtual, Augmented, and Merged Reality Can Streamline Service Delivery
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Use Cases for RPA in Services
  • Self-Service Renewal Automation
  • Next Gen Sales: What Tools are Sales Leaders Implementing to Stay Ahead of the Curve?

Future Leaders

  • Developing Support Employee Behaviors to Facilitate and Support Employee Career Direction and Growth
  • Keys to Support Employee Engagement: Providing a Path to Career Growth Within Support Services
  • Leaders of Tomorrow: What Are Companies Doing to Identify and Invest in Their Next-Generation Leaders?
  • Support 101 for Individual Contributors and Managers
  • How to Groom Leaders: Top Five Things Someone Moving Into Support Leadership Needs to Know

Diversity & Inclusion

  • The Case for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Benchmarking Diversity and Inclusion Practices
  • Diversity and Inclusion Transparency: What and Why to Publish
  • Diversity and Inclusion Improvement Initiatives: Successes and Learnings
  • The Role of Diverse and Inclusive Leadership


For questions regarding the speaker application process, status, or all other inquiries, contact Christi Holzer, TSIA’s Director, Conferences & Event Technology at christi.holzer@tsia.com.