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TSIA World: Interact on May 16-18, 2022. Read the speaker guidelines and complete the speaker application by December 10, 2021, for an opportunity to share your expertise with your industry peers!

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* Complimentary registration is limited to one per session. Co-speakers can use membership vouchers or will receive special pricing.

Speaker Qualifications and Conditions

Before you apply for one of our speaking opportunities, be sure to read the speaker qualifications and conditions outlined below.


Speaker Qualifications

  • Speaker must be either an employee of a current TSIA member company or TSIA Consulting Alliance Partner. (Speaking opportunities are available for TSIA Industry Solution Partners in selected Conference sponsorship packages.) TSIA reserves the right to verify membership/partnership status before accepting an application.
  • Speaker must be available to present in person.  One complimentary registration is awarded per speaking session. Co-presenters must purchase an additional registration.
  • Speaker must be a practitioner in a management discipline related to a TSIA Research Practice, with first-hand experience with the subject matter.
  • Speaker must be able to share the ROI or benefits that resulted from the technology, solution, or process.
  • Speaker must be passionate about sharing knowledge with others; creative; dynamic; and experienced with audience engagement tactics.

Content Criteria

TSIA World Conference content is carefully curated to inspire attendees to transform their businesses and advance their professions. Here is what we are looking for in TSIA World Conference content and speakers:

  • Content is current, innovative, and original to TSIA World conferences.  The content is not repurposed from past TSIA and non-TSIA events.

  • Topic aligns with the current Conference theme, tracks, storylines (learner's objectives), and/or business challenges.

  • Content is approved by the speaker’s employer for presentation to an external audience.

  • Content can be delivered in either a 10-, 20-, or 30-minute session.

  • Content offers practical advice on improving delivery, lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, or increasing revenue.

  • The speaker represents that copies of materials provided to attendees at the Conference will be made only from legal copies and that speaker either (a) owns the copyright, (b) has written permission from the copyright owner(s) for this use, or (c) reasonably believes this use of each copyrighted work to be fair use or in the public domain. Copyright notices and attributions for each copyrighted work will be included on all such materials.

  • A complete submission should include the following:

    • 2-3 sentences describing the session

    • Who should attend

    • Three key actionable takeaways


  • Circumstances beyond TSIA's control may necessitate changes to the Conference agenda. In such situations, TSIA reserves the right to cancel or replace speakers and modify topics. In cases where TSIA exercises its right to modify the agenda, speakers affected by the change will be notified in writing. Any substitutions or modifications will be updated on the TSIA World website as soon as possible.

  • Speakers may withdraw from participation as a presenter by giving 45 days’ written notice to TSIA before the Conference. 

  • TSIA holds in-person and virtual events. TSIA and its professional service providers reserve the right to pre-record speaker presentations; to record onsite or livestream video, photos, and audio; to record events; to distribute session proceedings and post such media to its social channels, website, or mobile app; to display feeds on monitors at the Conference venues; and to create future marketing materials with any of the above assets.

  • By presenting or attending a TSIA conference or Event, speaker acknowledges and agrees that TSIA reserves the right to use any recorded media for purposes of display and consumption before, during, and after the Conference for an unspecified time, for education, inquiries, marketing and promotional purposes, and any other lawful purposes in the ordinary course of TSIA's business. TSIA is not responsible or liable in any way for the activities of attendees involving recording or streaming video, pictures, or audio at Conference venues.

  • The in-person conference venues are public spaces. Accordingly, speakers, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, news organizations, and other businesses may record or stream their own videos, take pictures, or record audio of activities at these conferences. The responsible party must communicate to the audience that the activity is being recorded by posting signage at the entrance or within the space.

TSIA World ENVISION Conference Topics

TSIA World is designed to help technology and services leaders network, share ideas, and learn about the latest trends in the industry. We are seeking TSIA World speakers to deliver a compelling presentation supporting the topics and accompanying business challenges and opportunities below.

We are seeking TSIA World speakers to deliver a compelling presentation supporting the topics and accompanying business challenges and opportunities below.

Success Through Data Science and AI  (Complete Lifecycle)

Today's technology and services organizations find that investing in data science improves consumption and adoption of their offerings leading to more successful customer engagements. Data science is leveraged to provide objective insights based on scientific algorithms that take the guesswork out of who your customers are, their propensity to purchase, the patterns in their business challenges, and the offerings best suited for their needs. The ultimate goal of data science is to generate insights through automated, intelligent analysis of large amounts of data from various systems enabling providers to be more prescriptive with the right solution, proactive with the right service, and predictive of customer needs - present and future.

The Future of Monetizing Services in Complete Offerings

For over two decades, the technology industry has evolved from technology as an asset to technology as a service. However, many XaaS value propositions are still focused on feature differentiation and the underlying scalability of the platform. As a result, many technology and service providers are undervaluing the services aspects of the "complete" offer. Many providers are either not charging for, or are undercharging for components of the offer such as professional services, support services, operate (managed) services, and analytics insights. The complete offer is the right combination of technology and services required to deliver the solution's intended value, resulting in the customer achieving their desired business outcomes.

The Future of Cross-Functional Revenue Orchestration

For far too long, revenue generation has happened in silos across multiple organizations such as Sales, Consulting, Customer Success, Renewals teams, and Channel Partners. For technology companies to thrive with profitable growth, leaders must move from Sales Operations to Revenue Operations. This requires teams to break down the barriers by leveraging data and applying the practices that allow organizations to analyze customer needs, prescribe the right solution, and drive the right adoption leading to frictionless expansion and renewals. Data-driven organization collaboration empowers all individuals across the revenue spectrum to “sell for success” across the entire customer lifecycle.

Scaling Digital Experiences (Customer and Operations)

Embracing digital experiences across the end-to-end customer journey is critical to provide an exceptional customer experience and scale operations without continually adding sales and service staff. Each step along the customer lifecycle, from sales to onboarding and training, technical support, renewals, and expand selling, all have opportunities for automation.

Cultural Transformation

In the competitive tech industry, companies must offer a strong corporate culture to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. During transformation, a focus on culture is especially important to build support for transformation and help employees--and customers--learn to thrive on change. In today's world, companies are increasingly competing for attention on a global scale. A strong corporate culture can help differentiate a company from its competitors and create a positive image that resonates with customers and employees.


For questions regarding the speaker application process, status, or all other inquiries, please contact